The Journey Church removed Pastor Darrin Patrick from his post due to “pastoral misconduct”.

There never was such an office as “Super Sheep”, and yet we have elevated so many to that position in our hearts and minds…

As the final apostasy builds and God continues to separate the sheep from the goats and the chaff from the wheat, most of those we held up as “Super Sheep” are turning out to be Goats at best, and more often, wolves in sheep’s clothing…

To elevate a man, place him on a pedestal and treat him as above and better than the rest of God’s children, is to kill the man and damage your own soul. When Pastors and Christians come to understand that while there are differences in calling and gifting, we are all sinners saved by Grace, this nonsense will stop.

Your favorite preacher puts on his pants, one leg at a time, just like you do…

The best way to create a wolf is to elevate a sheep and call him a sheep dog…

From Charisma Magazine:

The Journey Church removed Pastor Darrin Patrick from his post due to “pastoral misconduct,” according to several reports.

“The findings of this investigation and further confession from Pastor Darrin, combined with deep historical patterns of sin, led us to the heart-breaking decision to remove Pastor Darrin from office at The Journey and require him to step down from all internal and external leadership positions,” reads a letter Journey Church sent to members.

Patrick was the founding pastor of Journey Church and the vice president of the Acts 29 Network. The Acts 29 Network has planted more than 500 churches around the world, including the former Mars Hill Church pastored by Mark Driscoll.

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Patrick was removed for violating the “high standards” demanded for elders in marriage, including inappropriate connections with two women.

The Journey Board also confirmed Patrick violated the following:

● abandonment of genuine biblical community (Titus 1:8)
● refusal of personal accountability (failure to be a fellow elder according to 1 Pet. 5:1)
● lack of self-control (1 Tim. 3:2)
● manipulation and lying (Titus 1:8)
● domineering over those in his charge (1 Pet. 5:3)
● misuse of power/authority (1 Pet. 5:3)
● a history of building his identity through ministry and media platforms (necessity to be “sober-minded” in 1 Tim. 3:2 and avoid selfish gain in 1 Pet. 5:2)

“We did not arrive at this decision lightly but rather agonizingly, with deep consternation for our brother, after many hours with Darrin and his wife, Amie, praying diligently together, seeking professional counsel and outside assistance, and reflecting over a long and repeated pattern of breaking trust with other leaders,” the letter continues.

Though Patrick’s blog has been shut down and his Twitter account made private, the removed pastor included a note in Journey’s letter.

“I am utterly horrified by the depth of my sin and devastated by the terrible effects of it on myself, my family and so many others, including all of you,” Patrick writes. “I am so deeply and terribly sorry for the pain that my sin is causing you, as well as the broken trust that my sin has clearly produced.

“In short, I am a completely devastated man, utterly broken by my sin and in need of deep healing. The way that the Journey elders have demonstrated their desire to see me restored to Jesus, as well as their love for me, Amie and our family is nothing short of miraculous and beyond gracious. They have put together a thoroughly comprehensive restoration plan for myself and our family, and we have great hope for God’s healing, restoration and reconciliation through this process. We are profoundly grateful for the elders’ care in this, and are completely committed to every aspect of the plan that is in place,” he writes.

Patrick concluded: “Journey, you are in good hands with your elders. Please know that Amie and I are completely committed to our marriage as well as the well-being of our children and family. We earnestly desire your prayers for us in this terribly painful but hopeful season. We are desperately clinging to God’s promise that He loves us completely in spite of our sin, delights in us when we are at our weakest, and that He is, indeed, the restorer and healer of all brokenness.”

Ephesians 2:8 For you are saved by grace through faith, and this is not from yourselves; it is God’s gift— not from works, so that no one can boast.

Jesus loves Darrin Patrick, but Darrin Patrick is just a sheep in God’s pasture. You and I need to pray for Darrin and for ourselves:

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil… Mathew 6:13


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