The Wrath of God

WARNING: This post discusses Scripture passages which are absolutely forbidden to members of Seeker Friendly churches!

This video is NOT “Seeker Friendly”. I read and discuss Scripture passages that are strictly forbidden to be read in Seeker Friendly Churches…

If Scriptures speaking to the wrath of an angry God offend you, please… PLEASE do not watch this video… The Truth will make you angry!


Have You Believed in Lucifer?

Have you opened yourself up and accepted the very deal that Jesus rejected in the wilderness?

Have you believed in Lucifer? Many who think they are Christians have accepted Lucifer and called him Jesus. You cannot turn on “Christian” television without hearing Lucifer preached by false prophets who call him Jesus. It was Lucifer who came to Jesus and offered him wealth and power in exchange for worship. Not a day goes by when a false prophet on television does not offer you the same deal…

Knowledge of the Scriptures has not been lower since the middle ages. This makes it possible and easy for the servants of Satan to deceive the masses. Perhaps your own ignorance of the Scriptures has allowed you to be deceived. Have you opened yourself up and accepted the very deal that Jesus rejected in the wilderness? Have you?

Did you accept Jesus because you were promised wealth, health and happiness in this world? Really? It did not work, you gave the TV preacher way too much money and you are still sick, tired, and broke? Are you ready to walk away from Jesus? May I suggest that you do so and that you do it right now. The Jesus you have followed is none other than the Devil himself, posing as an angel of light!

The Jesus of the Bible never promised you wealth, or health, or happiness. He actually promised you that you will be hated, that you will have tribulation, and that you will be killed. But Heaven is waiting.

I am linking here to a Sunday School class I just taught on the subject. I will also link to the Power Point presentation I used… It has all of the Scripture references. If you have denied yourself, taken up your cross and followed the Jesus of the Bible, you have friends and relatives who have been deceived. This will help you minister to them. If you have been deceived, this could save you from a Devil’s Hell and bring you into eternal life…

Power Point



The Real Jesus

Jesus did not die to make you fat, happy and wealthy…

Who is the real Jesus? With Megachurch pastors preaching the full and unadulterated doctrine of Lucifer and calling him “Jesus”, a firm foundation in the Word of God is more necessary now than ever…

This is Sunday School at Calvary Nations Church in Alva , Florida on Sunday, 07/31/2022

View Video Here:



As far as your congregation is concerned, Jesus died to make them fat, happy and rich in Babylon!


A Sanctified Parody

There is a rumor going around that any preacher, who preaches anything but happy verses, will dry up the offering plates and empty the pews…

Let me be specific… If you do not want to empty the pews and dry up the offering plate, there are some specific rules…

  1. No matter how strongly you believe we are in the end times, never teach on it. You don’t understand it, God can’t explain it to you, it is confusing to you, it will confuse them, and most of all, if you get it wrong, the church board will ask the bishop to replace you.
  2. Make a list of Scriptures you can and cannot preach:
    1. You may preach 2 Chronicles 7:14
    2. You must never read 2 Chronicles 7:13 or verses 19-21
    3. You should expound profusely on Matthew 24:14
    4. NEVER make the mistake of connecting it to verses 9-13
    5. Never preach any of the following passages:
      1. Matthew 16:24,25
      2. Jeremiah chapters 14 and 15
      3. Lamentations chapter 2
      4. Revelation 13:7
      5. Revelation 6:9-11
  3. Never preach anything that might indicate that it is often God’s will that his saints suffer and die for their faith.
  4. Never talk about the tens of thousands of Christians around the world who have been martyred for their faith in the last 12 months.
  5. If you do preach on 2 Chronicles 7:14, never mention that the people in the congregation might need to repent or turn from their wicked ways.
  6. Never explain what God means when He orders us to “Get out of Babylon.”
  7. Never explain that Jesus is more interested in saving souls than in saving the United States of America.
  8. Never list or enumerate sins.
  9. Never preach repentance.
  10. Never speak of the Judgement of God (On men or nations).

This is a principle. If you master this, you will learn to identify and avoid any portion of Scripture that might offend or frighten any of your parishioners. You would never want to be accused of frightening anyone out of Hell or scaring them into Heaven…

As far as your congregation is concerned, Jesus died to make them fat, happy and rich in Babylon!

David A. Rice, D.Div, AACGS

Board Certified by the American Association of Church Growth Specialists (AACGS)

Trump as God

Every time you buy gas or go to buy groceries, you are being set up to receive Trump as your savior…

How Trump is being presented as the god sent to save us… the “King of Israel”, “The second coming of God”, and “The Chosen One”. Every time you buy gas or go to buy groceries, you are being set up to receive Trump as your savior… Most Christians are thrilled at the idea… The WHO and the WEF, the Democrats and the corrupt politicians are the Bad Guys in this novel written in Hell… Trump is the hero riding in to save the day… Millions are mistaking this novel for a non-fiction textbook… Don’t be fooled!


Prophetic Convergence

Never have we needed the Scriptures more. Never has the Church of Jesus Christ been so ignorant of the Scriptures…

Prophetic Convergence

David A. Rice, D.Div.

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are riding. The white horse is here, the red horse is arriving, and the other two are in sight. It is Friday, March 18, 2022, and all of the signs Jesus commanded us to watch for are visible, solid and established. The war of Ezekiel thirty-eight and nine is clearly on the horizon. The King of the North is marching south towards Jerusalem, the Ukraine is just an inconvenient stop along the way. The prophets of old would have given anything to see that which we are observing in real time.

Those of God’s people who have chosen blindness, see nothing. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear are overwhelmed. Perhaps the most terrifying thing the sighted see is the confusion and terror in the eyes of those who have determined not to see. To hear Christians speak of how electing Republicans, and bringing Trump back to power will save America… Awful ignorance; the ignorance of those committed to finding proof texts to support vain imaginations.

Never have we needed the Scriptures more. Never has the Church of Jesus Christ been so ignorant of the Scriptures that sit unread, unlearned, and untaught; the Scriptures that would inform, warn, direct, guide and comfort.

No more do we read the Scriptures in context, praying that God will teach us what He wants us to know. Rather, Christians imagine a God who thinks as they would have him think and acts like they would have him act. Having determined that which they want to believe, they go to books written about the Scriptures, searching desperately for the odd verse or paragraph that, ripped from context and standing alone, seems to support their imaginary religion and describe their made up god…

If a Christian is frightened by the idea of the tribulation, he searches diligently for verses that speak of rescue and escape… It matters not what the subject matter of the Book or the chapter, it speaks of rescue and if I add that verse to the other verses I found in that magic devotional book, I can come up with enough happy verses about rescue to convince myself that the rapture must be pretrib. Please God, don’t let anybody quote Matthew 24 in my presence… If I am even aware of my sin, weakness and failure, I will look for a church that teaches Eternal Security, and I will gladly accept their collection of proof texts without question. If I cannot lose my salvation, I need not be bothered by or alter my lifestyle; after all, I walked the aisle, shook the preacher’s hand and got dunked in the baptistry… I am in like flint… Besides, this is the New Testament and God is no longer concerned about sexual perversion!

So, having collected enough assorted Bible verses to support my happy doctrine, I look out at the world and find that it is collapsing around me. I am amazed that my happy god has not explained this to me… Didn’t Jesus die to make me happy in Babylon? I thought that if I was a Christian and followed all the steps that preacher listed in that book my friend gave me that God would be forced to buy me a mansion on the hilltop. Aren’t I supposed to be living my best life now? Doesn’t God care how much money I sent to that guy on TV? I mean really!

Obviously, the answer is to bring back Donald Trump!!!

Let us forget all those silly peripheral doctrines they told us set our denomination apart and made us better than all those other Christians who didn’t believe the same silly peripheral doctrines that made the founding fathers of our denomination stomp out of one church in a huff, take half the members and go start a new and improved denomination… OUR denomination! Let us go back to the Word of God, forgetting all those silly devotional books and their “365 Happy Verses for a Happy Year”, and asking God Almighty, by his Holy Spirit, to teach us the truth and open our eyes to the world around us and help us to see the whole truth. There is a great peace that descends on one’s soul when God fills it with his Truth!

We sit on the eve of destruction. Our reward is in Heaven. I could care less what your church believes, Jesus said, “He who endures to the end shall be saved!” Take that and run with it! Don’t go to bed without reading a chapter or two or three, in context and asking God to open your eyes to the Truth.

Today’s suggested reading (It is relevant) is:

2 Chronicles 7 the whole chapter

Jeremiah 14 and 15, both chapters

Lamentations 2, the whole chapter.

Tomorrow, continue in the same books and then ask God to lead you to another book to read.

Be a Daniel. Read Daniel and see Daniel’s suffering and his courage… Go beyond the Lion’s Den!


Walk away from the fairytale that is American Christianity… Embrace the Whole Counsel of God!

This is my Bible class from yesterday…


The Show that is the Ukraine

What a show! Did you know that the President of the Ukraine was a standup comedian and a TV actor before running for President? He had no political experience, but he did play the role of an ordinary citizen who was suddenly elevated to the position of the President of the Ukraine This was his most famous role as an actor!

This is a scripted show… Yes, people are dying in the Ukraine… A good part of the reason the Ukraine is being invaded is to lower the world’s population by killing off useless eaters… But this whole thing is being scripted by the folks who make phone calls to world leaders and tell them what to do today… This is all about bringing in the Kingdom of the Beast / New World Order.

Watch the video…



Hell stared out through human eyes. Satan, the ancient enemy, now incarnate in the body of a man called Jesus. It was the ultimate coup; in the battle that had raged since before time, he was the victor.




Hell stared out through human eyes. Satan, the ancient enemy, now incarnate in the body of a man called Jesus. It was the ultimate coup; in the battle that had raged since before time, he was the victor.

He sat at a dressing table in the Royal Waiting Room. Like the surrounding temple, the room was magnificent. The trappings of royalty surrounded him, gold and silver, jewels, priceless rugs, and paintings worth millions of Euros abounded in overstuffed abandon.

He was no Shepherd born in a stable; he would have none of that.

As he stared at the human face in the mirror, he thought how the open wound above his right eye made him look like that Shepherd from Galilee. Although not scarred beyond recognition, he too would have a visible scar. It pleased him to think that this was a more handsome body than the Nazarene had used. This body was tall and solidly built. Light skinned with the features of an Arab prince. Only that open sore kept the visage from being perfect. The wound proved the resurrection; it was enough.

This book is out of date and I no longer believe the story…

That said, it is a good story… You can buy it on Amazon or click the link and read the original manuscript for free…

READ MORE:!6475&wdEmbedFS=1&authkey=!AICc_fPrDR_p5BY



Jim is dead. I left him in the other building. He sits there still, frozen forever, staring, eyes wide open, at the graffiti on the wall.

I love a challenge. Creative writing has been suggested to Cathy as therapy. Last night, she showed me a site with 300 starts for short stories… Alone in an abandoned warehouse was the one that fascinated me…

Lying in bed, I wrote this story in my mind. This morning, I sat down and typed it out.

SPOILER: This is NOT distinctly Christian. You may be shocked to discover that I can write the kind of story that ends up in Reader’s Digest… Please, no offence intended…

This then, is the story…


David A. Rice

Jim is dead. I left him in the other building. He sits there still, frozen forever, staring, eyes wide open, at the graffiti on the wall. Always the brave one, Jim climbed the ladder fastened to the wall in that abandoned warehouse, in that godless, frozen tundra. Climbing out onto an exposed beam, he looked so proud. When that ancient log gave way, I watched the terror on his face, all the way to the ground.

Jim was my best friend. I still don’t know why. I have a PhD from Harvard. Back when London was still warm in the summers, I did graduate work at Oxford. Not Jim, he couldn’t wait to get out of school. He got a job at a cabinet factory and soon started his own company. He was an accomplished carpenter and an adventurer at heart. He somehow found pleasure in dragging me along on his adventures. I would complain, but somehow, I always went along.

When we left Pensacola headed north, it was nine degrees and blowing snow. Back in the twenties, we could have never imagined that. Everyone spoke of global warming. When the snow and freezing weather came, the weatherman on TV would call it “Climate Change”, right on que. Then, that crazy space rock hit and knocked the whole world sideways. Now, it freezes in north Florida by September, and they built a wall all the way across the I-4 corridor to keep the Yankees out. Damned Yankees.

I remember looking up from my phone every once in a while, watching the frozen wasteland that once was Alabama pass by. Later, we went through a big city and turned west. The sun poked through the clouds as it set. I know we were headed west. What city was that? I don’t really know, nor did I ever notice the highway signs; that was Jim’s job.

I remember that the roads grew smaller, not so wide. The last road was full of potholes, most uncomfortable. Then the dilapidated sign by the destroyed gate. The sign said something about cotton and the letters, “LLC”. I remember that. Beyond that, I have no idea where I am.

The building was an old warehouse. Empty now, there was no sign as to what it once held. The graffiti on the walls was old, from back in the Twenties when it was warm. One drawing was well done, a football helmet with the number 29 and the words, 2022 Champions. No one would come out here now, only fools like Jim and their friends like me, no smarter than they.

Jim sort of slid down that post. When he landed, it supported him and he remained sitting, his eyes glassed over, mouth open in a silent scream. I couldn’t stay there. I ran from the building, looking for the Jeep. It was old, they didn’t build cars after 2022, but it was sturdy and well maintained. The snow had covered our tracks and I had no idea where that vehicle was. I wish I had paid attention.

I ran, fighting my way through the snow. I didn’t find the Jeep, but I came to another building. This is a massive warehouse, much larger than the first. I would think it more than a hundred yards long, sixty yards wide, and maybe three stories tall. Like Jim’s mausoleum, it is empty. Here, there is no sign of graffiti, no signs of its former glory. The only sign that people have been here is a crudely constructed firepit, a few rocks in a circle, near the center of the floor. You can see ashes on the bottom, but no wood. There are piles of snow here and there. I look up and see holes in the tin roof that correspond to those piles. It is cold, bitter cold.

Through a crack in the wall, I see an old tree, collapsed and lying in the snow. I have a lighter. I am one of the few who holds onto tobacco; it calms my nerves. Better to die with calm nerves than to live in a nervous fit. If I can only get to that wood, I can light a fire.

Making my way back to those huge open doors, I exit, turn the corner, and fight my way through waste deep snow to the tree. At least this is easy, the wood has been cut by a former camper. I gather as many sticks as I can carry and head back. Walking from the doors to the firepit, I realize that in my struggle through the snow, I have dropped at least half of my firewood. I hadn’t noticed.

The little fire roared, and for an hour or so I was warm. When the fire was dying, I threw in my backpack. It burned too quickly, and I cried when I saw that Oxford sticker burn. Now, it is cold and dark. Nights are fourteen hours long now. This could be bad. I wonder if I will see the sun again.

My phone has no service here, but the clock tells me it is midnight. The wind has come up and it is howling and screeching through the tin. I am colder than I have ever been. I listen to the wind, somehow it is soothing. The sound is like an owl with super lungs, he hoots but never runs out of breath.

Now the sound is changing… almost like a voice singing in the distance. It sounds like my mother singing. She had a beautiful voice, and she always sang in the choir. No, this cannot be, it is my mother! I hear her clearly now. Yes, I know that song, “When the Role is Called Up Yonder”. It is beautiful and it calms my soul. For the first time since Jim fell, I feel real peace. It is not so cold now. Somehow warmth is creeping into me. I am comfortable now.

“Yes Mama, when the roll is called up yonder, I will be there.” I feel so comfortable, Mama has been joined by a choir of angels, the song is overwhelming, I am crying tears of joy!

Suddenly, I feel the little panic of a schoolboy. “I’ve got to go!” I cry, “They are calling the roll now!”