Not everyone you disagree with is a heretic. That should be obvious, but on Facebook, it does not seem to be…

There is a certain group of people, some of them on my friends list, who feel that it is their calling to denounce and warn people about every possible minister and ministry on the Web. I seldom post a video or an article on Facebook without some illuminated individual denouncing the source as an evil heretic. There is no minister of the Gospel, anywhere on social media, that someone has not labeled a heretic… and I hear it all.

I am sick of it.

The latest example is Paul Begley. I will use him (poor thing) as an example:


  • Is not perfect.
  • His wife is Roman Catholic.
  • He believes in the Catholic Doctrine of Transubstantiation. (Heresy, in my opinion)
  • He sells prayer cloths (To bless people and raise money)
  • He sells stuff and earns his living as a preacher. (A gross sin in the eyes of some Facebook friends.)

Of all this and more, I get multiplied notice, every time I post one of his videos. But it is not just him, Any video I post from any source will bring out the heresy warnings… It is grossly sickening.

I have people calling me a heretic. Just yesterday, a Calvinist called me an “Armenian Heretic” and banned me from his group. Apparently, if people are not lined up to call you a heretic, it is because you never ruffle the Devil’s feathers.

Let me point out, in Paul Begley’s favor:

  • He preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • People are saved in every meeting he preaches.
  • He always honors Jesus Christ.
  • He has a keen understanding of End Times Prophecy.
  • He has a good eye for current events that fulfill Biblical prophecy.
  • He has good sources and he quotes solid people and media sources.
  • He is often the first to report on world events that affect Christians.

I could probably go on, but I won’t.

Let me clue you in. When I post a video from Paul Begley, or anyone else, it is because of the information contained in that video. I almost always have personally checked his sources before I post the video. The video I post is not a blanket endorsement of the man and everything he believes, does and says…

To continue with my example, but it applies to anyone I quote or post, When I post a video from Pastor Begley:

  • I am not saying that he is perfect.
  • I am not endorsing everything he believes.
  • I am not endorsing the Roman Catholic Church.
  • I am not endorsing Transubstantiation.
  • I am not marketing his prayer cloths.
  • I am not endorsing any product he may have for sale on his Website.

What I am doing is telling you that there is important information in the video that you need to hear. If you love Paul Begley, or anyone else whose work I post, good. If you hate them, talk to God about your problem.

Please grow up. The ministry of calling out pastors and teachers for heresy is not found in the Bible… It is not a valid ministry. Be cautious and prayerful always. If I post an article or a video by someone you really believe is a heretic, you do not have to watch it… that is your choice, but please stop filling up the comment section with cries of heresy…

Thank you,


In response to this article, Heidi Begley, posted the following: “David Rice, I thank you for your attempt to temper down this nasty habit that many have formed, and Pastor Paul is one that could be used as a perfect example. If I can please clarify some of the points of your article… It is agreed that Pastor Paul is not perfect… no one is. It is not true that I am a Roman Catholic… I was born again as a teenager and am nondenominational. I am sure pastor nor I subscribe to the doctrine of Transubstantiation. We have never, ever sold a prayer cloth. And the “stuff” on our website is not sold, it is given in appreciation for donations to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I thank you for acknowledging the spirit of evangelism that is the heart of Pastor Paul and I. I would hope that now that you have the truth of these points, that you would make the necessary retractions of your article. Feel free to ask me anything as Pastor and I are very transparent.”

I am grateful for her response and would bring it to the attention of Heresy Hunters everywhere…