On Monday, there was an emergency meeting of the Fed… called suddenly and without warning. Following that meeting, both President Obama and Vice-President Joe (Joker Joe) Biden met with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. It is not terribly unusual for the President to meet with the Fed Chairman… HOWEVER, the Vice-President NEVER attends these meetings.)

There is a great deal of buzz on the web, speculating that the banks and the U.S. Dollar will fail; the collapse coming between the 19th of April and Mayday.

Two things are absolutely certain: The collapse is imminent and something really big is up now.

Watch out for FED’s emergency meeting tonight, which was suddenly and unexpected called to last week and will take place today in Washington at 11:30 am local time (Monday April 11, 2016)


Connect the Dots…

 President Barack Obama will meet with U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen on Monday (Monday April 11, 2016) to discuss the economy and Wall Street reform, the White House said on Sunday. Vice President Joe Biden will also attend the meeting. The president and the Fed chair meet regularly to discuss economic issues.