The Mark of the Beast

Let’s talk about the Mark of the Beast…

At least one popular preacher has been saying that you can take the Mark of the Beast and still be saved…

Before you laugh or throw up your hands in disgust, you need to look at his argument and his reasoning. His thesis is basically this:

  1. It is not the “Unpardonable Sin” spoken of elsewhere in Scripture.
  2. Jesus forgives “all sin.”
  3. There are two separate things in the Scriptures:
    1. Receive the Mark
    2. Worship the Beast
  4. The Scripture indicates that you would need to do both; Receive the Mark AND Worship the Beast before you became lost forever without remission.
  5. If you received the Mark but did not worship the Beast, you could recant and be saved.

Is that possible? Yes.

Is that pushing it? Yes.

What are the problems inherent in that argument?

  1. He could be wrong.
  2. You should never “test God” like that.
  3. The chips that will be used as a “Mark” are already capable of making changes in the DNA of an individual. If your DNA is changed, you become a mixed race person on the level of the Nephilim. You are no longer human and like the Nephilim, you cannot be saved…
  4. The chips today are not a good idea but neither are they the Mark of the Beast. The chip that equals the Mark will be expressly tied to the Antichrist and his kingdom. You will not take it accidentally. It will require an Oath… a pledge of loyalty to the Beast and his system. People cannot buy or sell without that chip. People will desperately want that chip but without the oath… without swearing allegiance to the man and his kingdom, you will not be able to get the chip… No Oath = No chip.
  5. An Oath of Allegiance to the Antichrist is what the Scripture means by worship. You don’t have to feel anything. You don’t have to mean it in your heart. To give that oath is to worship the Beast.

I do not believe that it will be possible to receive the chip without worshiping the Beast. If that is true, and I am certain that it is, You will have done both or you will have done neither…

I cannot tell you what to do but if anyone tells me that I have to swear allegiance to anything or anyone in order to get anything, I am not going to do it…

Think About it…


Why 9/11?

Our question here is who did it and why did they do it…

Why 9/11?

That we, or the so called “Shadow Government”, in conjunction with the Illuminati, the Masons and other groups brought down the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 is well established. Thousands of professional Architects and Engineers have documented beyond a shadow of a doubt that the official story is not quite as believable as the story of the Easter Bunny who lays eggs… If you still need to be convinced, the go to website is:

Our question here is who did it and why did they do it. There is no way to give a full and complete answer to that question in a Blog Post and it is not my intention to do so. There are many books on that subject, and many have spent years researching the answers to that question. What I hope to do here is to perhaps develop an outline and give brief statements as to the answers. I will try to point you in the right direction but I cannot prove everything… That will require some serious research and a lot of homework on your part.

The idea for a World Trade Center was first discussed in 1946. By 1960 the basic plans were laid. The particular spot of ground was chosen carefully. The exact location fit into an occultic plan. Twin Towers were chosen as a representation of the twin pillars of Masonry, The direction was magically aligned with the stars. Perhaps a start on understanding the Mystics of the Twin Towers would be:


There are many more…

These Towers represented the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin. If you are unaware, this is a place to start;

So important was this exact location that entire neighborhoods were bulldozed to make room for it. People lost homes and businesses, piers were removed, and vessels displaced. Nothing was sacred… anything that stood on the site was simply flattened.

The Twin Towers represented a world divided. When the Twin Towers came down, they were replaced by a single tower… The Two have become One, the world is united. Many place the birth of the New World Order as 9/11/2001.

Some have pointed out that the towers looked like and represented two strands of DNA. It has been suggested that the replacement of the two towers with a single tower represents the mingling of humans with their Alien Creators or humans with Nephilim… This is a fascinating area to research…

Some people have suggested that the explosives used to demolish the twin towers was planted during the original construction… The simple fact that explosives age and become unreliable makes that doubtful. More likely, they were placed one at a time during a myriad of cover projects and this process took a number of years. That there were explosives embedded in the buildings has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

And so, there were occultic reasons. The birth of the New World Order required a massive sacrifice of pain, death and blood. The gods had to be satisfied and they were…

But as the date approached a cover plan had to be worked out… thus the airplanes and the Muslim Terrorists… But this worked out an even better deal for the Globalists and the Industrialists and the Elite…

What an opportunity! The Arabs controlled the oil and the price was going through the roof… Arabs in countries no one had ever heard about were getting wealthy at the expense of American Billionaires…   If we created a myth of Islamic terrorists flying airliners into the towers, we could, on our magical date, destroy the two towers, making the way for a single replacement, make a sacrifice to the Devil, and give ourselves the moral grounds necessary to justify destroying nations and killing hundreds of thousands of people in order to gain control of the oil and put the money back in American pockets.

There is one last point… The New World Order is the Jewish Messianic Kingdom or the Kingdom of the Antichrist. This war, justified by 9/11, would put the Globalists in charge of the Middle East and allow for a Jewish Kingdom to be established… Yes, we could justify killing all of the enemies of Israel…

Okay, when you have thoroughly researched these things, come back and I will give you some more… Just know that these things were planned by the fathers and grandfathers of the men who carried it out… This was nor an afterthought.


Deceiving America

This is the lie, that God Almighty was uniting men and women from every tribe, tongue and nation, on this continent, and that he was forming a new nation, with a new culture and a single language, for his Glory.

Jesuits and Masons in the Church

America, populated for the most part by a Christian people, was given an evil government, for an evil purpose, by evil men. Those men were among the brightest of their day. More than that, there is considerable evidence that they had supernatural help from evil beings in evil places. Because they were smart and because the very pillars of Masonry were formed by Jesuits, these men, unsaved and ungodly as they may have been, knew Protestants and they knew the Gospel. They also knew people and human nature. They were students of the first order. The one thing they knew was that, if their perverted doctrine was to take hold in America, it had to sound Christian and it had to sound Protestant.

I must remind you here that it is the Devil who offered Jesus wealth and power if he would worship him. The Devil’s side is always going to be better funded than the church. The Masons were wealthy businessmen. They brought wealth, status, power and education with them from the Old World. The simple Christians in the Colonies were no match for them. These men started schools of higher learning. They started, funded and taught in the nation’s seminaries, be they Baptist, Anglican, Methodist or Presbyterian. Our Pastors learned their doctrine from these men, and that doctrine was twisted. These men paid for our church buildings and served as our Elders and Deacons. Often, they supported the whole local church. Any independent, God fearing rebels were quickly silenced.

This is the lie

This is the lie, that God Almighty was uniting men and women from every tribe, tongue and nation, on this continent, and that he was forming a new nation, with a new culture and a single language, for his Glory.

Under that, were more lies for the church to swallow. I shall list a few:

  1. Providence refers to your God.
  2. The Great Architect of the Universe refers to Jehovah.
  3. God has given every individual the right to seek happiness.
  4. Freedom is a right, guaranteed by God.
  5. Bloody warfare is of God and a primary means to attain God’s will.

Providence was a word almost never used by Christians. In almost every document from the era, Providence was used by a Deist to refer to their impersonal god. Providence had, according to the Deists, created everything, including man. Providence had “Established governments among men.” And then, Providence had retired to his study to watch the show…

The Great Architect of the Universe is a Masonic term and always refers to Osiris. It is never used in the church to refer to Jehovah God.

Happiness is found in a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ. For a pagan to seek happiness may be natural but it is not a promise of God and apart from Christ, happiness is futile or fleeting at best.

The New Testament not only does not guarantee freedom, it commands slaves to be obedient to their masters. Paul called himself a slave of Jesus Christ. Jesus said that anyone who does not deny himself, take up his cross and follow Jesus, is not worthy of him. Only in America has Freedom ever been called a Christian’s right.

Slaves, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in the sincerity of your heart, as to Christ;

(Ephesians 6:5)

Slaves, in all things obey those who are your masters on earth, not with external service, as those who merely please men, but with sincerity of heart, fearing the Lord.

(Colossians 3:22)

All who are under the yoke as slaves are to regard their own masters as worthy of all honor so that the name of God and our doctrine will not be spoken against..

(1 Timothy 6:1)

Slaves are to submit to their own masters in everything, to be well-pleasing, not argumentative,

(Titus 2:9)

Servants, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and gentle, but even to those who are unreasonable.

(1 Peter 2:18)

NOTE: No other point of Scripture is considered so “Unamerican” or so “Politically Incorrect.” I would invite you to argue with God himself. Perhaps you may change his mind.

Bloody warfare results from Babel and Babel was the result of sin and rebellion. There are reasons for war. Once in a while, there is a just cause for war. That said, most of the reasons for war are aimed at making the rich richer and accomplishing a satanic goal. In the case of the American Revolution, it was to provide the bloodshed and pain, required by Lucifer, from those who would serve him. Like Canada, we could have accomplished it with a treaty, but we are not Canada, we serve a greater purpose and we had to be birthed in pain and blood.

Here in America, a land peopled by God’s children, Lucifer would found a nation that would undo Babel, once again uniting the world under a single culture, flag and language. This would not be the end of the thing, this was a beginning. Even then, this was a phoenix, destined to crash and burn. Out of the flames and the fire of this nation would come the New World Order that would defeat the Saints and make Lucifer the god of this world forever… And, they would sell the whole idea to the church.

Fools we were…

Mark Twain said, “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

That isn’t Scripture, but it is a truism. We were lied to from birth by parents, School Teachers, Sunday School Teachers, Pastors, Bible School Teachers and Seminary Professors… all of whom were repeating lies that they had been taught… lies that they believed, with all their heart, to be Gospel Truth… It takes the Spirit of the Living God to help us break out of that level of demonic deception.

How much Masonic Doctrine has been foisted on us, marketed as Scriptural Truth or Historical Fact?

How could we have believed that Salvation came by walking an aisle, shaking the preacher’s hand and repeating a magic little prayer?

How could we have believed that praying that prayer gave us the right to live the rest of our lives as we pleased and go to Heaven when we died?

How did “Take up your cross and follow me” Morph into “If you tithe, God will make you rich and fill your life with material Blessings”?

How could we have believed that it was God giving us stuff to store up in barns while his dearest children suffered, starved and died everywhere but here?

Why did we never question Christmas Trees or Easter Bunnies that laid eggs?

How could we have believed that statues of a pagan goddess were acceptable, patriotic symbols of liberty?

How could we have believed that Benjamin Franklin, America’s first publisher of pornography and faithful member of secret societies at home and abroad was a Christian man?

What about Thomas Jefferson who cut out, moved around and pasted passages in his Bible until it agreed with his beliefs?

What about George Washington who always walked out of church before communion and never participated… a man whose own Pastor claimed was a deist and not a Christian?

What about our Capitol, first called Rome and laid out exactly like the city in Italy? They changed the name to Washington DC and no one remembers Rome?

What about the streets of Washington, laid out in an unfinished pentagram?

What about a phallic symbol representing the missing organ of Osiris? How could we have believed that an Egyptian Phallic Symbol was simply an innocent monument, built in honor of a godly President?

What about the reflecting pond representing the birth canal of Isis?

What about the Capitol Dome with the Pagan goddess atop… the Dome that represents the womb of Isis?

How could we fail to notice that Washington DC was a clone of the capitol of pagan idolatry for the whole world?

What about the pagan Egyptian imagery that decorates our Dollar Bill? How could it be that we never noticed, remarked or complained?

How did we justify the genocide of the Native Americans or make heroes of the Cavalry that slaughtered them?

All these things were sold to us as part and parcel of a Christian Nation. Everybody believed it. Everybody taught it. Even if we suspected that something was wrong, to have stated our misgivings would have made us outcasts of society…

God is separating the sheep from the goats… the sheep are waking up and the scales are falling from their eyes. The goats march on, in blissful ignorance, convinced that they are Christians, living in a Christian Nation, and that God has given them money to store up in barns because they sent money to a TV Evangelist.

I am hurt that so many people I once looked up to as “Super Sheep” have turned out to be “Stupid Goats,” embracing abortion, sodomy and Chrislam…

If you are a goat, there is hope. You can be born again as a sheep. When you find Jesus, the scales will fall off and you will understand…

If you are a sheep, take up your cross and follow Jesus.

Never Forget Lucifer’s Quest

It would be easy at this point to forget the theme of this book, Lucifer’s quest. For some five thousand years, his mission has been to heal the wound he was dealt at Babel. If it were not for that simple key, much of what I write here might have remained locked. Perhaps you and I could have never put all these different things together.

It is amazing the level of deceit that was foisted on the church. How could I have believed that it was God’s will that my friends go off to Vietnam, kill and be killed because it was America’s war and there could be no doubt that if it was America’s war, it was God’s war?

It has been written that Lincoln accepted Jesus at Gettysburg. I would hope so, but the documentation is a little shaky. He is the Hero… God’s man in the Civil War. All I can do is to note that the little saying, “Winners write the History books” is correct. You know, there were Southern Generals who, using the Bible as the judge, were better Christians than Lincoln.

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation specifically excludes the part of Virginia that touches Washington…

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation specifically excludes the part of Virginia that touches Washington… the place where his friends and many members of congress had their houses and farms. Did you know that? Was that even in your College Textbook?

If you were to read Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike, you would learn some of the occultic reasons for that war. If that war had not been fought and that American blood spilled, it is doubtful that we would be talking about the New World Order from America.  From the Battles of Lexington and Concord to the Oracle of Damascus, there is always an occultic reason for bloodshed. It always benefits the rich and powerful. Those who would bow down, and worship Lucifer are only too glad to sacrifice the blood of unnamed heroes.

The Masonic motto, ORDO AB CHAO and the motto on your Dollar bill, E PLURIBUS UNUM, Order out of Chaos and Out of Many, One, respectively, speak to Lucifer’s longstanding goal of restoring the Kingdom of Nimrod, now known as the New World Order to pagans and the Kingdom of the Antichrist to Christians.

Albert Pike is said to have written a letter to a friend in which he graphically detailed the three world wars that were to bring about the birth of the New World Order.

A high Bishop, a man with no reason to lie, wrote that he saw the note and the letter in the museum. Later, the Museum would deny ever having the letter. You never know about these things, but Albert Pike is said to have written a letter to a friend in which he graphically detailed the three world wars that were to bring about the birth of the New World Order. The original no longer exists but we have certifiable copies written before the year turned 1900. The description of World War One and World War Two were perfect, down to the players, the cost, the winners and the losers… Occultic knowledge on display. As I write this, the world is lined up exactly as Pike, more than a century ago, said they would be at the beginning of World War Three. Never doubt that the Devil has a plan.

I keep remembering Ingersoll Lockwood’s Baron Trump novels from about the same time. Those Novels described Donald Trump to a Tee… He followed those with a novel called, ”The Last President.” These were, according to the publisher’s foreword, a work of Memetic Occultism. They followed on the heels of Pike’s letter about the three world wars. Am I an occultist? Of course not, but as a Bible believer, I do believe that there is a very real devil who has very real plans and who shares those plans with those who would bow down and worship him.

What I am saying is that the deception is real, and the danger is to believers who will not open their eyes and pay attention. What has happened is deception and the church bought it. What is coming is called the Great Delusion. The Church in America, already deceived, is being deluded. It is those who decided that Love and tolerance were central, and that holiness, righteousness and repentance were unnecessary who have received the delusion. If sin is acceptable, Trump can be God’s man.

American Government was never Christian. It was designed, not according to Scripture but according to the “New Atlantis” vision of Sir Francis Bacon.

One must ask the question. If the idea for the United States as a precursor to the New World Order did not come from the Bible, where did it come from? The answer is found in a novel by Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam, Viscount of St. Alban. The New Atlantis, A Work Unfinished. The book was published in 1659. It details the founding of a new nation called the New Atlantis. That Nation is Babylon Reborn, Babel Undone, and the United States of America, all rolled into one. I would think that you should have learned that in school. Did you? The Masonic motto, ORDO AB CHAO and the motto on your Dollar bill, E PLURIBUS UNUM, Order out of Chaos and Out of Many, One, respectively, speak to Lucifer’s longstanding goal of restoring the Kingdom of Nimrod, now known as the New World Order to pagans and the Kingdom of the Antichrist to Christians.

Think about it…



They found her body in a single bed in a bare, one room apartment over a store in downtown Palm Beach Florida. She had starved to death. Open cans proved that her last meals had consisted of a cheap brand of dog food… Sad story. What made the story even more sad was that she had more than twenty million dollars in assets at her disposal.

I was in my last year of High School and I was driving a delivery vehicle for Lewis Pharmacy in Palm Beach when the story broke. Few people even knew her name, although some of the older ones remembered her from a long time ago. The story is fascinating.

It turned out that it had had a fairy tale beginning. She was from a middle class family, not poor but certainly not wealthy. In College she had met Prince Charming and they had fallen in love. Soon after graduation, they were married. He was the heir to an untold fortune. They bought a mansion in Palm Beach, staffed with servants, gardeners, butlers and chauffeurs.

Before she could even get pregnant, he was killed in a tragic accident. Widowed and childless, she faced the future alone. One of the last things he had done, before his death, was to write out a generous household budget for her to follow. Somehow, that paper had come to rule her life. Generous the day it was written, more than fifty years of inflation had made it impossible to live on. She had let the servants go, then she sold the mansion and moved into an apartment. Now, almost sixty years after her husband’s untimely death, she had eaten her last meal out of a can of dog food and starved to death.

I was thinking about that this morning… I have no idea what brought it suddenly to the front of my mind. How foolish to eat dogfood and die of starvation with a vast fortune at your disposal. And yet, we, as Christians, with all the power of Heaven available to us, choose to live defeated lives, never using the resources available to us…

Think about it…