It is funny how people get ahold of a couple of verses and think they know everything. I have seen people write pages “proving” that Antichrist comes from one place or another…

  • Rome,
  • Turkey,
  • Assyria,
  • London,
  • New York,
  • Washington DC…

You can find pages dedicated to proving that Antichrist is from all of those places.

The people who believe in a particular place will not listen to anyone else and tend to call people who disagree with them names like stupid and heretic…

I sometimes just have to laugh…



Author: davidrice1951

I am a vile sinner. I have been a soldier and a sailor. I have been a student and a teacher. I taught English in Mexico. I started and taught in a Bible College in Venezuela. I am married to Cathy, a beautiful lady from Guyana. We have two children, Christopher and Amanda. I am saved by Grace, washed in the Blood and filled with the Spirit. I love Jesus, my wife, my kids and you...

2 thoughts on “ABSOLUTE PROOF…”

  1. i have found that to be the case as well–can separate friends because it isn’t pinned down to that extent yet as i see it!


    1. I clicked on your gavitar and it says that they cannot find that account… You need to go to your account…. If you need to do a page, click on free and say no to everything that asks for money…


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