God has heard our prayers!

Of course I do not know who will win. I have had, as have had many others, the strongest belief that Obama is our last President. I can make a very strong argument for that, from Scripture, history and current events. Having said that, I must admit that I have no prophetic word, and I really do not know exactly what is going to transpire over the next few months. Anything is possible.

As I see what is happening, the possibility that Trump might actually be the chosen King seems to grow by the day. Let me speak to that possibility and share my idea as to where that would take us.

Let’s Imagine!

The immediate reaction is a sense of euphoria and an unreal celebration among conservatives and most Evangelicals. The savior of the White Man and the Christian religion has come… God has heard our prayers! Famous Preachers are all over Television giving Glory to God for rescuing America from the communist onslaught.

That celebration however, is muted by an immediate outbreak of violence against Conservatives, White People and Evangelicals. Trump presented himself as the “Law and Order” candidate. As such, he is under tremendous pressure to restore Law and Order. This brings out the police, military and deputized gangs of White People against the rioting Blacks, Latinos, Arabs and other minorities. Order is quickly established, but at an extremely high cost in human lives. Trump comes out on top and minorities again “know their place.”

Around the world, there is terror in the hearts of presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings and queens, as they began to understand that America has again been unleashed as a super power and that America will soon control them and their people. Stock Markets are soaring through the roof and a sense that order and prosperity have been restored pervades. World leaders are lining up in Washington DC, armed with trade agreements heavily balanced in our favor…

Here at home, new companies are springing up everywhere, unemployment approaches the impossible zero mark. Churches are empty as new money again makes religion and faith in God unnecessary. There are signs of new growth everywhere… everybody can buy a new house and a new car. The dollar is growing strong again and oil is again traded with the Petro Dollar. Our military is growing. Military standards are growing more stringent. With the word on the street that life in the military is hard, the girlie boys are no longer volunteering, and our armed forces are again viral and masculine… no one wants to mess with the good old USA… Happiness abounds as we once again rule the world.

What no one notices is that all the new opportunity has made children more inconvenient than ever, and the abortion industry is prospering. The blood of millions of innocents is being poured out to Baal. Sexual perversion is growing more blatant and open. While Sodomites are no longer be able to shut down Christian bakeries, they now recruit even from church youth groups, and they have become mainstream, filling every imaginable post in every church and denomination. Hate laws are not being relaxed but rather grow stronger and stronger. The prisons are now filling with Pastors and Believers who will not conform. All Denominations are now submitted to the One World Religion of the Pope.

And then today, while all was well with the world and Americans were partying at full steam, a leader in a country somewhere, had had enough. A button was pushed and hundreds of missiles flew in our direction. Alarms went off, we responded with our missiles and destroyed the offending nation. Most of the incoming missiles were shot down, others malfunctioned and fell short, but two or three got through. Flying at a hundred or more miles above the surface, their nuclear warheads detonated…

And the lights went out.

“Sit silently, and go into darkness, O daughter of the Chaldeans, For you will no longer be called The queen of kingdoms.” Isaiah 47:5

How many know that when the lights go out, the music stops?

“Something touched me deep inside The day the music died…”  (Don McLean, American Pie)



Author: davidrice1951

I am a vile sinner. I have been a soldier and a sailor. I have been a student and a teacher. I taught English in Mexico. I started and taught in a Bible College in Venezuela. I am married to Cathy, a beautiful lady from Guyana. We have two children, Christopher and Amanda. I am saved by Grace, washed in the Blood and filled with the Spirit. I love Jesus, my wife, my kids and you...

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