Russia and the United States just expelled each other’s diplomats. This is the first step towards World War Three…

And every shipmaster, seafarer, the sailors, and all who do business by sea, stood far off as they watched the smoke from her burning…” Revelation 18

It is very likely that no one thing could take down the United States. I believe the Luciferians know that. What we are facing is a multipronged attack and the United States will fall. We have the convergence of the well-deserved judgment of a Holy God and the many faceted attack from the New World Order; Powerful, Luciferians who understand that the New World Order cannot rise unless and before the Old World Order collapses.

We have spoken here, many times, about the Judgment of an angry God… I need not repeat that this morning. Let us talk rather, about the coming attacks and the imminent collapse of the United States and Western Civilization. Life, as you have known it, is about to come to a screeching halt.

Let us look at an incomplete list of the things that are now facing us:

  • Russia and the United States just expelled each other’s diplomats. This is the first step towards World War Three.
  • We are facing a hardened, masculine army with a sissified, make believe Army made up of girls, Sodomites, and transgenders. An Army where soldiers walk around with stress cards in their pockets and all training standards have been lowered so that girls and sissies can pass with relative ease…
  • We are facing what amounts to a Race War, internally.
  • We are facing two political conventions where not only are the parties deeply divided within themselves but thousands of protestors, on both sides, have been intentionally whipped up into a killing frenzy.
  • The collapse of the Dollar and the loss of its acceptance as the World Reserve Currency is imminent.
  • The collapse of the world’s Stock Markets is now seen as unavoidable by even the most hopeful experts.
  • The Euro is failing.
  • The European Union is collapsing.
  • Our country is being filled with Islamic Terrorists; hundreds of thousands are coming.

I could go on for several pages but those are some of the more major issues facing us and you get the point. We are 68 years into a seventy-year generation that started in 1948 with the formation of the Nation of Israel. The Prophetic Clock has run out of time. This is a Jubilee year. That Jubilee ends on the first of October, right before the elections.

I am going to make what seems to me to be a rather obvious prediction. Things are going to get increasingly worse between now and October. Things will come to a climax in October. By the first of January, 2017, the United States will have, for all intents and purposes, ceased to be. We will be under Martial Law, without a President Elect, the food chain will have broken down and hunger will be setting in, there will be major utility outages, there will be no employment and most people will not be able to purchase food, we will be losing a war with Russia, and every Race in America will be slaughtering every other race in America…

Are you right with God?