The only surprise with Dallas is that…

First of all, my heart goes out to the families of the dead, and to those wounded in Dallas. Nothing could justify such an action; two wrongs never make a right. That said, while last night’s shooting in Dallas cannot be excused, it is easy to explain.

Louisiana and Minnesota were used to provoke Dallas. You have to understand that Obama, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and the rest are trying to provoke a civil war… Please understand that none of this is accidental and it will continue to grow worse. By Election Day, it is more than likely that we will be under Martial Law. We will be told that it is too dangerous to allow people to go to the polling places. But, they will lie, when everything calms down, we will have the election. Historically, Martial Law lasts for many, many years.

May the LORD, my rock, be praised, who trains my hands for battle and my fingers for warfare. Psalm 144:1

For reasons I have explained in great detail elsewhere, I believe that Obama is destined to be the last President of the United States. That does not mean that someone will not be assigned or appointed to the position but that he will be the last President of the United States, elected by the people. By the election, in the doubtful event that there is an election, all semblance of unity or union will have disappeared.

When civilians kill Law Enforcement Officers, they are killed or jailed and they never see daylight again. When Law Enforcement Officers murder civilians, in cold blood, on video, they are placed on “Paid, Administrative Leave”, which amounts to extra vacation time. The civilian who kills the Policeman is vilified, while the Policeman who murders a civilian is protected and defended by Law Enforcement Officers and agencies across the land. The inequity is lost on no one outside of Law Enforcement.

This inequity is a wonderful tool in the hands of the Luciferian Elite and their puppets, who are determined to divide and destroy us. It is this imbalance that has been used, this week, to provoke the shooters in Dallas. It seems obvious that the shooters were seeking revenge against “The Untouchables” who killed in Louisiana and Minnesota. The terrible truth is that they were provoked by Civil Rights Leaders at the highest level.

Louis Farrakhan has been publically calling on African-Americans to kill police. If he were an average citizen, he would be in jail, charged as an accomplice in the Dallas Massacre. He is, however, a powerful puppet, being manipulated by Luciferians and puppets who are determined to see the United States collapse into a mindless, sectarian conflict… a conflict that does not pit one side against the other but one that pits every little group against every other little group.

This conflict will not be North against South; this will be Black Muslims against Christians, Jews and Arab Muslims. This will be conservative Christian against Muslims, Atheists and liberal Christians. This will be Black Christian versus Muslims, Police and White Christians. We will have Latinos fighting Blacks and Whites… The pain is going to be unbearable. This is the intentional plan of the New World Order Gurus who believe that Mother Earth has commanded them to reduce the world’s population by some ninety percent.

The only surprise with Dallas is that it did not happen sooner and that so many hours have passed without it being repeated in another city…


Author: davidrice1951

I am a vile sinner. I have been a soldier and a sailor. I have been a student and a teacher. I taught English in Mexico. I started and taught in a Bible College in Venezuela. I am married to Cathy, a beautiful lady from Guyana. We have two children, Christopher and Amanda. I am saved by Grace, washed in the Blood and filled with the Spirit. I love Jesus, my wife, my kids and you...

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