In defense of his endorsement of Donald Trump, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. said, “God called King David a man after God’s own heart even though he was an adulterer and a murderer.”

Jerry Falwell Jr. appears to have neither a relationship with God nor even a superficial knowledge of who Donald Trump has been or what he has done over the last fifty years, prior to his announcing for the Presidency.

Donald Trump has clearly, plainly and loudly proclaimed that he has never repented of his sin.

Listen to David, who really was “a man after God’s own heart:”

“Be gracious to me, God,

according to Your faithful love;

according to Your abundant compassion,

blot out my rebellion.

Wash away my guilt

and cleanse me from my sin.

For I am conscious of my rebellion,

and my sin is always before me.

Against You—You alone—I have sinned

and done this evil in Your sight.

So You are right when You pass sentence;

You are blameless when You judge.

Indeed, I was guilty when I was born;

I was sinful when my mother conceived me.”

I think Jerry Falwell’s statement shows him to be a very shallow Christian, assuming that his Christianity is more than cultural. David was not a man after God’s own heart because he was a macho man but because he fully realized his weakness and his failure to live up to God’s standard. David was a man who consistently confessed his sin and constantly sought the Lord for forgiveness, guidance and strength.

Donald, in his unrepentant self, is the spitting image of Lucifer.

Why do the “Famous” Christians today, have such an obvious lack of discernment?




It really helps that I spent a number of years working with and fellowshipping with Christians who were not American and had no concept of the culture of the American Church. It helps but it does not make it easy for me to separate the Cross of Jesus Christ and Christianity from the American flag and patriotism. If I did not have that experience, perhaps that task would be impossible for me.

From a child, Christmas, Easter and the Fourth of July were all both Christian and American holidays. George Washington stood side by side with the Apostles as a Christian and American hero. I knew little or nothing about Passover, Pentecost or the Feast of Trumpets but I knew all about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims.

Most Americans and especially Christian Americans over the age of fifty have a similar background. The Flag and the Cross, the Cross and the Flag… We could not imagine one without the other. Today, whether we like it or not, the two are being separated. The stark and obvious evil of this Nation stands in contrast to the beauty of the Gospel. As we begin to see and accept the difference, we begin to suspect that they were never equal and that that perception of equality and sameness was nothing more than a demonic deception foisted on us by the Masons and other secret societies.

It was God almighty who foiled the Devil’s plans at Babel. It was God who divided people by language, ethnos and nation. Somehow, the Masons and the Illuminati convinced us that breaking down those barriers and uniting the people of many nations, ethnos and languages, in one place, with a single language and a merged culture, was a God thing… This, they told us is the Christian thing to do.

It is, of course, true that in Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek. In Christ, people of all nations, ethnos and languages are united in a single family. The key phrase is “In Christ”. The problem with the great American Experiment was that it sought to unite peoples apart from Christ. This is the goal of Lucifer who is determined to undo the work of God, accomplished at Babel, and reunite the people of the world so that they can fight against Jehovah and secure the world as the eternal domain of Lucifer, keeping it out of the hands of the Messiah and keeping Lucifer out of Hell. The American Experiment was, we discover, not a Christian thing at all but rather, Luciferian to the core… This Nation, in spite of and in the face of its Christian population, was and is the forerunner of the New World Order… the Kingdom of the Beast.

In Luke nine, we read these words:

Then He said to another, “Follow Me.”

“Lord,” he said, “first let me go bury my father.”

But He told him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and spread the news of the kingdom of God.”

Allow me, please, to paraphrase that:

Then He said to you, “Follow Me.”

“Lord,” you said, “first let me go vote in the election.”

But He told you, “Let the dead campaign and vote for their own dead, but you go and spread the news of the kingdom of God.”

Think about it.




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There is a reason for that…

To muse is to think, ponder, consider…

“A” is an old French prefix…

“A” before a word, negates the word…

To Amuse is to cause not to think, ponder, consider…

Before it meant To Entertain…

It meant,

To Deceive…

Before amuse meant, “To Entertain”

It meant, “To Deceive”

I am Pro Muse…

I want you to think, ponder, consider…

This Blog is ProMuseMent…

God said:

“My People are dying for lack of knowledge.”

“My People are dying for lack of knowledge.”

Ignorance is not a Christian Virtue…

Think, Ponder, Consider.





David A. Rice

“The weapons of our warfare” must be, “not of this world but mighty to the bringing down of strongholds”

I want to speak to the hierarchy of Hell. I hate to speak of Satan and Hell as up, but because of our human understanding of hierarchies and chains of command, I am forced to. You will understand that when I place Satan at the top, it is for convenience and not for theological exactness.

Most Christians, myself included, were trained to think of God as being eternal and as having known the end from the beginning. God planned everything and knew everything before He spoke the first molecule of matter into existence. That is true.

On the other hand, we were trained to see the works of the Devil as being random acts of evil with no real plan or purpose… evil for the sake of evil. This is not true.

The Bible is the standard by which we judge all things. That which agrees with Scripture is true; that which disagrees is false. Contrary to the view of some, the Bible does not tell us everything. It is true that I can start my car in the morning but I cannot find the instructions in Scripture. Neither does Scripture explain, in detail, how Mary changed Jesus’ diapers but we must assume that she did. Some of what I am going to propose here will meet the standard of Biblical truth, in that it does not violate any Scriptural principle and meets every standard of logical assumption. It will not all be backed up by chapter and verse any more than you can find chapter and verse on the school Jesus attended or the name of his math teacher… we do, however, assume that He went to school and that He had a math teacher.

In Genesis, we read of the temptation of Eve and Adam and their subsequent fall. This was not a random act of evil by a stupid Devil, this was a purposeful, well planned act by the most intelligent creature ever created by God… a creation that had rebelled against his own Creator (a stupid act by an intelligent creature). This serpent had been the most beautiful of all God’s creations. He was the “Covering Angel” and Heaven’s chief musician. He had rebelled and taken a third of the Angels with him. Now, he was at war with God. The earth and man were God’s prize possessions and Satan would take them from God.

You must understand that God is very precise and legal. He does nothing that would violate himself or a strict standard of right and wrong. God not only enforces his laws, He keeps them. God gave Adam dominion over the earth and all that is in it. Adam was under his Creator, but Adam was the god of this world… Adam was the legal and established ruler of earth. Satan’s plan to cause him to sin had a purpose.

God not only enforces his laws, He keeps them.

Satan knew that God would uphold the law, even to his own detriment. If Satan could cause Adam to sin… to sin by obeying him, Adam would submit himself, all mankind and the earth itself to Satan… Adam would be dethroned and Satan would become the god of this earth. It would be legal. Adam had absolute authority over the earth. When Adam sinned, he made Satan god by submitting everything under his command to Satan.

This is why Scripture calls Satan the “god of this world”. It is a legal and binding title. God would have to find a way to legally dethrone Satan and take back dominion of this world, returning it to a second Adam. This second Adam is Jesus Christ.

It was in the Garden, after Adam’s fall, that God confronted Satan. He told Satan that his seed would bruise the redeemer’s heel but that the seed of the woman, the redeemer, would bruise his head. Head wounds, if not fatal, are much more damaging than are wounds to the heel. Like we assume that someone taught Jesus how to read and write, we can assume that the Scripture gives us a condensed version of that conversation. It is not stretching Scripture to assume that God gave Satan more detail than is written in Genesis. At the very least, Satan was intelligent enough to understand all of the ramifications of that threat. God was going to take back the earth, in a legal manner, and He was going to use a man to do it. Satan began, that day, to plan his defense. He has had his plans thwarted several times and had to come up with a new plan, but he has never failed to have a plan.

His first plan was to corrupt human DNA. If men ceased to be men, they could not produce a redeemer. Satan sent his angels to sleep with women. These women produced corrupted seed… Nephilim; half human, half angel. It would have succeeded. It almost succeeded. Earth was down to one pure human family… Noah and his sons and their wives (or perhaps all but one of the wives, were alone as “perfect in their generation”. That does not mean that they were sinless… it means that their DNA was 100% human. They carried no Nephilim blood. But God! But God had Noah build an ark. God drowned all of the mixed race of angels and men and started over.

His second plan was to build a tower… a stargate that would allow free passage between the dimension of man and the dimension of Angels and demons. He would have succeeded… God himself testified to that. God said that men, united with one language, could do whatever they set their minds to do. Nimrod, whom we learn from the secular versions of the story was two thirds angel and one third man, ran the show for his father, Satan. He would defeat God and make a redeemer impossible. But God confused the language and scattered men across the globe, dividing them by language, ethnic groups and nations…

Satan thought that Moses might be the redeemer. He had the Egyptians kill all of the Jewish baby boys. But God provided a floating basket and God used Moses to give the people his Law.

Satan saw Jesus coming and had the Romans kill all the baby boys but God sent Jesus to Egypt until it was safe.

Satan had the Jews turn against Jesus and the Romans crucify him but God raised him from the dead.

Satan sent Constantine and the fake Roman Church to stamp out the real Church but the blood of the martyrs was seed and the Church prevailed.

I could list other failed plans but you get the idea.

Since at least the seventeen hundreds, Satan has been working on his current plan; the New World Order. The New World Order will be Nimrod’s kingdom restored. Satan will unite the whole earth under a single ruler. He will make them speak a single language or at least, give them the ability to clearly communicate with those who have a different language. He will give them a single currency, by which he can control them. Most of all, he will do away with Jews and Christians, uniting the world in a single religion where he will be god. This is the New World Order George Bush spoke of so longingly that he made people cry at the very thought of such a wonderful thing…

The New World Order will be Nimrod’s kingdom restored.

In the seventeen hundreds, Satan called a man; a man who perhaps still carried the Nephilim gene in his blood. This man was Barron Rothschild. The Barron vowed allegiance to Satan, accepting the deal once rejected by Jesus Christ. In order to strengthen the gene in the family, Rothschild, under explicit orders from Satan, married all five of his sons to their first cousins. Their descendants would become the richest people in the world. Today they own the central banks in more than one hundred and eighty nations. They own the FED and control the economy of the United States and the Dollar itself.

Likewise, Satan called six other men, all of whom, in order to strengthen their bloodline, arraigned incestuous marriages for their sons. These seven families control the world today. These seven families are intermarried and their sons marry girls in the family.  Because daughters marry rich and powerful men outside of the family, there are more than seven surnames. This is why all of the Presidents of the United States, save one, are related by blood. They are all related to European royalty and European royalty are all related to each other… this includes “elected” Presidents and Prime Ministers as well as monarchs. The next President of the United States will be a member of one of those families… Trump, Hillary, Bernie… they are all members of one family or the other and they are all cousins.

The Rabbis have taught and many Christians today are convinced that the demons… those who interfere with, influence and often possess human beings, are the spirits of the Nephilim. Being neither man nor angel, they are unredeemable. Wondering the earth without bodies is very uncomfortable and they constantly seek to possess people. When Jesus kicked them out of the Gadarene, they wanted to go into the pigs. Being without a body seems difficult for them.

The spirit who will be released at the end of the age; the one called Abaddon or Apollyon, is, I believe, the spirit of Nimrod. He was the Anti-Jehovah of the Old Testament and, incarnate in a physical body, he will be the Antichrist of the New Testament. He is the one who was, is not and who will come. Jesus was and is and shall be… note the difference.

Now to the evil hierarchy:

Satan or the Devil: This was the covering Angel. This was the one who rebelled against the Most High God; his own Creator. This was the one who caused a third of the Angels of Heaven to fall with him. This is the one who tempted Eve and caused Adam to sin. This is the one to whom Adam bowed and the one to whom Adam ceded the position of God of this World. He is the father of all that is evil and the chief bad guy of the universe.

The fallen Angels: These are those who fell with Lucifer. These are the principalities and powers. The Prince of Persia who held up the Angel sent to Daniel is among them. These are the spiritual rulers of nations and ethnos.

Lucifer: Also known as Abaddon or Apollyon; he is the son of Satan and a Nephilim woman. As such, he is two thirds angel and one third man. He is Satan’s Seed in a way that mimics Jesus Christ as the Son of God. It is he who is the “Angel of the Pit” and the chief demon. It is he who ruled Babylon and built the tower. It is he who desired to place his throne above the Throne of God. It is he, who as the “Seed of Satan” bruised the heel of the Messiah. It is he who will be released from the pit, torment men and be incarnated in the body of the Antichrist.

Demons: These are the spirits of the Nephilim. Neither man nor angel, they are a lost and unredeemable crowd. They will be released into the dimension of man, along with Lucifer, in the last day. These are the blood-thirsty ones. Being without bodies, they have no blood. The life is in the blood. It is the blood of human innocents that gives them power. Once babies were sacrificed to demon gods. Today, that kind of sacrifice still happens but it is too rare to provide the power these demons need. Abortion has filled the gap. The blood of a hundred million babies, sacrificed on the altar of abortion, has, in these last days, given incredible power to the demons. This is how Obama was made President, how Europe and the United States will fall and how the New World Order will be born… all on the blood of innocents.

The Illuminati: Seven demonized families with the highest concentration of Nephilim tainted DNA on earth. Those at the center of the families buy and sell nations, start wars, loan money to and sell arms to both sides and constantly amass and centralize wealth. These are the rulers of the New World Order.

The Outer Family: These, not of pure blood but related by blood to the families of the Illuminati. These are the kings, queens, presidents, dictators and prime ministers of the Caucasian nations… Europe, the Caucasus, England, Russia, the United States and others… These are demonized people; servants of Lucifer and his father. They are, for the most part, puppets of the Luciferian Elite who pull their strings.

Secondary Puppets: These are the leaders of third world nations. They are not white. They have no power above that granted them by the leaders of the outer family.

It would be good to note here that each ethnic group has its own distinct strengths and weaknesses. I heard a black preacher enumerating the weaknesses of the African Race. He said things that I would be stoned for saying. I am white. Please allow me to say that the weaknesses of the Caucasian race are both different from and greater than those of other races. We are so vain that we painted a Jewish man named Jesus and made him look like us. We want to rule everything, control everything, and own everything and everybody. We were the perfect target for Satan in his bid to unify the world under himself. While some of the Illuminati, including the Rothschilds, claim to be Jewish by race and Catholic by religion, in truth, they are Caucasian by race and Luciferian by religion. The most wicked and demonic people on earth are white…

The most wicked and demonic people on earth are white…

This hierarchy descends to the level of the local Masonic Temple, the Mosques and the demonized gang in a Barrio near you… It goes down to the Mason sitting on your local church board. At every level, demons of all ranks inspire and empower those who would do evil.

That is why, “The weapons of our warfare” must be, “not of this world but mighty to the bringing down of strongholds”



Mitt Romney plans to deliver a major speech on the state of the 2016 race for the White House Thursday, amid rising panic among some Republican leaders that Donald Trump may be cruising to the nomination. The 2012 Republican presidential nominee will speak at 11:30 a.m. ET.

I wrote this in 2014…


What if Mitt Romney were to come in, riding as if on a white horse, with a Save the Constitution Platform for the 2016 Presidential election? What if the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers and the Mormon Church got behind him with all of their money and power? What if every Right Wing, pro America group in America signed up? What if the whole purpose of Obama is to make that possible? What if he went on to rule the world from Washington DC?

There is, in the Mormon Church, a “White Horse Prophecy”. This prophecy speaks of the day when the Constitution is in great peril and a Mormon on a White Horse rides in to save the Constitution, the Nation and the World.

Mitt Romney’s Mormon friends tagged him as being that rider on a white horse, while he was in college. They still believe that.

Mormons teach that Jehovah is a man, in a man’s body. They say that He ascended to his position because he was a good Mormon on another planet. Jesus and Lucifer are brothers… Lucifer became the Devil because Jesus and he each put up plans for the salvation of mankind… Jesus won, Lucifer lost and got mad.

Mormons believe that good Mormons get to be God of their own planet.

Mormons teach that Jehovah traveled to earth in a physical body, deflowered a fourteen-year-old virgin named Mary and became the father of Jesus…

Mormons are not Christian. This is ancient pagan religion and nothing more.

Unfortunately, most Christians don’t have a clue. Most God fearing, patriotic Americans would vote for Mitt Romney, not understanding that Mitt, his church and his friends all believe he is destined to rule the world and create a New World Order.

Is it possible that Antichrist come in on a white horse, wearing a white hat and waving the American Flag? Could it be that the Antichrist is a Right Wing Cowboy who looks more like John Wayne than Bill Bojangles Robinson?



For The Serious Students Among Us…

There are three major and several minor “SYSTEMS” that form “SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY”.

  1. Covenantal Theology
  2. Dispensational Theology
  3. New Covenantal Theology

When one speaks of systematic theology, it is helpful to ask which “system” he is referring to. The exact same Scripture passage, run through the different systems will end up with very different interpretations. The system of theology used controls the interpretation. If you are interested in the different systems, you should look them up. Even defining them is beyond the scope of this opinion piece.

I was weaned and raised with Dispensational Theology. I went to a Bible College where they used New Covenant Theology which attempts to take the best of both Covenantal and Dispensational Theology while leaving out the hard, dogmatic stand taken by both of those schools that prevents them from even taking an honest look at interpretations that violate their rigid systems. I had never seen Covenantal Theology. Reading their interpretations of Scripture and how they reached them was an eye opener… I had assumed that the whole world was dispensational.

What happened first was that I identified glaring problems with Covenantal Theology… problems that led them to interpret the Scripture in ways that defied common sense and plain reading. I also identified some strengths in the system that I thought to be superior to the dispensational system.

Having read Covenantal Theology, I went back and looked at Dispensational Theology through a different lens. Here too, I found problems that caused people to interpret Scripture in a way that sometimes defied common sense…. It did not seem to matter what the obvious meaning was… the Scripture had to be bent to fit the system. I also found great strengths in the system.

As I began to read books by New Covenant Theology teachers, I found more liberty to choose the common sense interpretations… sometimes it seemed like they were making up the system as they went… siding with the Dispensationalists on one issue and with the Covenantalists on the next.

Now to my opinion. I find that it is helpful to have a system of theology as you seek to understand the Scripture. I find it troubling that the System often forces unreal and artificial interpretations on the Scripture. Many things that I was taught as “Gospel Truth” are, in reality, “Dispensational truth”. In my humble opinion, Scripture is more important than the system that you use to interpret it… Violating common sense and plain reading by placing artificial and phony, systematic interpretations on that which makes perfect sense, standing on its own, is intellectually and spiritually wrong.

Covenants are of God. You can identify them in Scripture. There are Eternal Covenants, Temporary Covenants, Unconditional Covenants and Unconditional Covenants… The Bible is full of covenants.

The seven “Dispensations”, while sometimes helpful, are arbitrary and manmade. There is no Scripture that speaks to seven “Dispensations” in the Scripture itself, although the word is used twice in the King James Bible.

Why not place common sense and clear meaning ahead of any system? Why not bend the system to fit the Scripture, rather than bending Scripture to fit the system? Why not look at the interpretations from the other schools and ask yourself if they could be right, even though they violate “your system”?

Sometimes, it is helpful to step outside of your system and ask yourself what that passage means in plain Greek…





John Calvin said that, “When God wants to judge a nation, He gives them wicked rulers.” I agree with that… God even let us choose our own wicked ruler… (That thought would drive Calvinists crazy.)

God gave John Calvin to the Church so that he could burn Michael Servetus at the stake!

Of course, Calvin was predestined to burn Michael Servetus at the stake. Michael Servetus was predestined to disagree with John Calvin and predestined to be burned at the stake for having done so. God created Calvin so that He could watch Servetus burn and squirm… Entertainment for a boring morning I suppose…

Calvin agreed with William Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances…” He believed that we were merely scripted actors, playing the part written for us by Almighty God. Not only did God decide whether to send a person to Heaven or Hell before they were born, He designed and chose the shirt they would be wearing the day Calvin tied them to the stake… Calvin believed that Calvin was predestined to be right and everyone else was predestined to be wrong. Those who agreed with Calvin were predestined to be right and go to Heaven. Those who disagreed with Calvin, were, he believed, predestined to be wrong and go to Hell… Amazing how God wrote the play with Calvin in the middle… the standard by which all things are judged.

I remember a story of the Ministerial Association meeting where they were arguing about predestination and free will. It got so hot that they divided into two groups and moved to opposite sides of the room. This poor Pastor arrived late, and finding two groups, he approached the first group and asked, “May I join you?” One of the men in the group came back, “Why do you want to join us?” He replied “You are the first group and there is an empty chair here.” “No!” the group spokesperson said, you cannot join us unless you were sent! Go over there, they will take you.” Going over to the second group, this poor Pastor asked, “May I join you?” “Why are you here?’ the spokesperson for the second group asked. “Because they sent me.” He replied. “No, you cannot join us” the spokesperson replied, “unless you came of your own free will!”

When I told a Calvinist that I believed in limited free will, he came back, “You can’t prove that and don’t give me any crap about predestination being based on foreknowledge!”

He didn’t want to hear that because it is the Scriptural answer to Calvinism and they have no argument against it beyond “Don’t tell me that!”

Of course Free Will is limited. You cannot will yourself to sprout wings and fly, you cannot will the circumstances of your birth and you cannot will yourself to live to the age of one hundred and thirty. You can, however, choose to accept or reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that decision will determine much of the circumstance of your life on earth and it will determine your eternal destiny. So, what is the answer to the cruelty and harshness of Calvinism. How do we know that Calvin choose to have Michael Servetus burned at the stake and that he was not scripted to do so, by God, apart from his own free will?

Romans 8:29 For those He foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brothers.


 God did not create mindless robots, programmed to act out a play for his entertainment. God created men with a free will. God also knew everything from the beginning, including who would accept him and who would reject him. Based on that knowledge, God predestined those who would accept and embrace him, to be conformed to his image. God knew, before the foundation of the world, that we would love him. He has predestined us to be like Jesus…

There is a key to every problem, somewhere in Scripture. Balancing Free Will with Predestination can be challenging and difficult. God, who understood that, gave us the key to understanding. Calvin was not predestined to be right. Others were not predestined to be wrong. Calvin, of his own free will, decided to murder a man for the crime of disagreeing with his private interpretation of Scripture. Calvin is not a hero; he is a murderer. Calvin, though not wrong on every issue, was not right in everything; he was a heretic who used the idea of predestination to defend and support his own sin.

There are Calvinists today who would burn me at the stake for the crime of offending their champion. Calvin still has a way of attracting hard headed and arrogant followers. It is very handy to blame your own sin on the God you believe wrote it into the script and forced you to sin…

You are free to accept this article or to reject it. You cannot blame God…





It is funny how people get ahold of a couple of verses and think they know everything. I have seen people write pages “proving” that Antichrist comes from one place or another…

  • Rome,
  • Turkey,
  • Assyria,
  • London,
  • New York,
  • Washington DC…

You can find pages dedicated to proving that Antichrist is from all of those places.

The people who believe in a particular place will not listen to anyone else and tend to call people who disagree with them names like stupid and heretic…

I sometimes just have to laugh…




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