The United States has sixty days to live, perhaps seventy, perhaps fifty, but we will not see the New Year.

Revelation 18:11 The merchants of the earth will also weep and mourn over her, because no one buys their merchandise any longer–

When a doctor looks a patient in the face and says, “You have sixty days to live”, it changes everything for the patient and all those close to him. The United States has sixty days to live, perhaps seventy, perhaps fifty, but we will not see the New Year. There may still be a nation called the United States and our flag may continue to fly wherever it does not offend Muslims, but we are dead. The United States, as it has existed since 1780, will not see the New Year. We will cease to be a Constitutional Republic before January 1, 2017.

If I can scare you with my words, I have done my job. If I can scare you with my words, imagine how frightened you would be if the things of which I speak were to come true and catch you unaware. If, frightened by my words, you run to Jesus for comfort, protection and direction, I have achieved my highest goal and satisfied the cry of my heart.

I believe that we are seeing a convergence of two separate but inextricable events, the well-deserved and righteous judgment of God against the United States which will lead to the imminent demise of the nation and the prophesied rise of the Kingdom of the Antichrist, known today as the New World Order. The rise of the New World Order is contingent upon the collapse of the United States and Western Civilization; for the two to coincide seems logical.

Let me give two bullet lists of reasons that the collapse is imminent and unavoidable.  The first list is of spiritual reasons, the second is of the natural reasons, any of which could serve as the “Hammer of God” demanded by the spiritual. No list could be complete and you could surely add to each list. Each point is a subject that could and should be researched independently as a standalone field of investigation.


  • Abandon Israel
  • Abortion / Human Sacrifice
  • Apostasy in the Church
  • Arrogance
  • Babylonian Christianity
  • Bad Morals / Lawlessness
  • Election of Barack Obama, twice
  • Flag, Cross confusion
  • Foreign gods
  • “Good Christians” must participate in the Babylonian system.
  • Government buildings designed with magic formulas and made to resemble pagan Greek Temples.
  • Greed
  • Jubilee ends, sundown October 2, 2016 (Jerusalem time)
  • Lack of humility
  • Lack of repentance
  • Lukewarm Christians
  • Masonic Cornerstones in every Federal building
  • Masonic Doctrine in the Church
  • October 1, 2016, Sundown Jerusalem time is the 29th of Elul
  • Oppression of the poor
  • Pagan idols guard and fill government buildings
  • Pride
  • Satan / Devil worship
  • Secret Societies
  • Sexual sin / Sodomy
  • Shadow / Secret Government
  • Sixty-eight years into last generation
  • Spirit of Antichrist
  • Trust of Christians in a pagan prince to save them.
  • Unjust wars
  • Washington DC as a clone of Rome
  • Washington DC laid out according to Egyptian magic
  • Witchcraft / Sorcery


  • Bank Failures
  • Collapse of Food Distribution
  • Collapse of the Dollar
  • Communism / Socialism
  • Creditors are enemies
  • Crops that do not produce seed.
  • Debt, mathematically impossible to pay off
  • Drought
  • Earthquakes
  • EMP (even North Korea can deliver one)
  • Enemies trained, financed and armed by ourselves
  • Famine
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Government as enemy of the people
  • Government funded race war
  • Hillary dies, Jesuit Tim Kaine wins. (Blood Oath to instant obedience to Pope and or superiors in the order.)
  • Hillary wins, Trump supporters rebel.
  • Islamic Immigration
  • Jihad
  • Martial Law / Obama as “President for Life”.
  • Natural Disaster
  • New World Order (Prophesied to rise in the Scriptures)
  • Nuclear attack
  • Open Boarders
  • Propaganda
  • Riots break out prior to election / Martial Law / Canceled Elections.
  • Seventy percent Stock Market collapse
  • Splintered by Ethnic Groups
  • Trump wins, Left rebels
  • Volcanos
  • World War Three (Fought on American soil)




David Wilkerson had a vision of New York burning. The leadership of the New World Order believes that when New York burns, the New World Order will rise, like a phoenix, out of the ashes.

I have learned, mostly by watching friends crash and burn, not to set dates. I have also noticed that the major events of history, both long past and recent, have all happened on important dates on the Hebrew calendar, not the Gregorian… Many of the events that were foretold concerning the last part of 2012, actually happened in early 2013. Understanding that the Hebrew year 5773 stretched from September of 2012 into September of 2013, shows us that God was operating on a slightly different schedule. That being said, there is a scenario in my mind, concerning the next few months and I cannot get it out of my head. I share it here, understanding that I may be wrong and hoping that I am. At best, you should take this as a heads up…

The Hebrew Year, 5777 starts the evening of October 3, 2016. This is election time. The Hebrew day, 29 Elul, 5776 runs from sunset October 2 through sunset October 3, 2016. If this year of 5776 is indeed a Jubilee year, as many suspect, it would be that date and not 29 Elul 5775 as Rabbi Cahn believed, that will bring the financial crash and a worldwide crisis. Whatever the fact, it is admitted, by all sides, that a crash of immense and earth shattering proportion is upon us… That would be a good time for it to happen.

What I continue to see in my mind is a major crash, involving the total collapse of the dollar, in late September. early October of this year. That would put it about thirty days out from the general election. The resulting riots would be impossible to put down without a massive display of military might… I am talking about Predator Drones, jet fighters and helicopter gunships being used against civilians. This kind of civil unrest would “justify” Martial Law and the suspension of elections. No food and no money would call for the opening of FEMA Camps as “places of refuge”. The first to go would be volunteers… they would be given hot food, showers, a comfortable bed and the opportunity to write and call home with great testimonies of how they are being cared for… that would not last long.

The disenchanted, the right wingers, will not fall for it. Donald Trump is the obvious choice for President of the opposing (Confederate?) states. From there, we have a huge civil war, most of the population dies in the conflict, GDP drops to zero and the United States ceases to exist as a world power. New York burns to the ground, along with Washington DC and a number of other cities. Trump comes up with a great idea and joins Canada, the opposition forces of the US and Mexico into something called the North American Union. The opposition wins, Obama hops a flight to Iraq where he is welcomed as the Mahdi/12th Imam, the hero who brought down the “Great Satan”.

Israel had 43 men who served as 44 kings. David serving twice, before and after Absalom. Obama is the 43 man to hold the office of President of the United States and the 44th President, Grover Cleveland serving before and after Benjamin Harrison. The United States is connected to Israel in so many ways. We are the only Nation, outside of Israel, to ever be formed with solemn vows to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Could it be that God has had his hand in the whole affair? Is it reasonable, considering all we know, to suspect that Obama will be our Zedekiah?

This is not a prophecy. I may be wrong. I pray that I am wrong. If I am wrong, don’t yell at me, rejoice with me. This is just the way I see things working out.

David Wilkerson had a vision of New York burning. The leadership of the New World Order believes that when New York burns, the New World Order will rise, like a phoenix, out of the ashes.

Burn, Babylon, burn!



And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as בָּרָק (Baraq) fall from heaven.
Luke 10:18

…and the world hangs by a thread.

I recently wrote on Donald Trump, his name and the title, “The Donald”. The name Donald means world ruler. The title means, “The World Leader”. Trump speaks to trumpets and triumph.

Let’s talk about Obama:


Strongs 1300. baraq

Original Word: בָּרָק
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: baraq
Phonetic Spelling: (baw-rawk’)
Short Definition: lightning

Barack in Arabic is lightening.

Barack in Aramaic is Lightening

From the Quran:

“Never doeth Allah change the condition of a people, excepting they change themselves, and Allah intendeth evil for all people, and there is no stopping him. Neither doeth he accept an equal. Barack is he who showeth you the face of Allah, giving a fear and a hope, though heavy the clouds and the thunder, exalt and prostrate to him, for even angels fear him, for he sendeth forth thunderbolts, striking whom he wills, while they dispute before the face of Allah, and he is severe in his attack. To him alone are the prayers in truth.” – Quran Surah “the Barack” or “the lightening” 13:11b-14a

In Aramaic, which Jesus spoke, Barack is Lightening. When Jesus said, I saw Satan fall as lightening, “fall like lightening”, transliterated from the Aramaic is barack o bama…

To me, it is obvious that the biblical reference to the “Whore of Babylon” speaks of the United States and “That Great City” speaks of New York. You can argue if you like…

So, now we have Satan who fell like Barack and The World Ruler, as the most powerful men in Babylon, competing to be the most powerful men in the world… to rule the world from the New Babylon.

I see war. Terrible, destructive civil war. I see at least a third of all Americans dying in a war that pits Race against Race, religion against religion and conservative against liberal…

I believe that Obama will invoke Martial Law and suspend or cancel elections. I see Trump rising up against him. I see two competing Presidents with the people, the Police and the Military all dividing up… some with Obama, others behind Trump.

I see David Wilkerson’s vision of New York burning and how it fits in with the biblical account of Babylon burning. I see the New World Order rising out of the ashes like a phoenix.

Real or imagined, the pagans, occultists and the secret societies see a war, not between Satan and the God of Heaven but a war between Satan, the current god of this world and Lucifer, the coming king. Satan is black, dark and evil. Satan hates men and seeks to destroy them. Lucifer is a bright and shining light who seeks to enlighten men and lift them up so that they may become as gods.

I suspect that Satan and Lucifer are two sides of the same fallen angel. Scripture tells us that, “even Satan can appear as an angel of light.” (2 Corinthians 11:14)

Obama is Satan and the Christians hate him.

Trump is Lucifer and the carnal, blind Christians embrace him.

The carnal and the blind, easily mistake the light of Lucifer for the Glory of God they have never known…

The truth is that when Obama won, Trump was one of the first to tweet his congratulations, “To my friend.”

Trump and Obama, like Satan and Lucifer, are one and the same. It is a game in which one appears as dark and the other as light. It is as dark and light that they will lead the nation into war and destruction. It is out of a game of good and evil that destruction comes. It is out of destruction that the New World Order is to be born. It is out of the smoke and the fire that Antichrist will rise…

This is not a prophecy. This is my vision of the future. If it happens, understand what is happening. Be wise. Be a peacemaker…