“This mock Christ will be ‘received’ by Israel. The Jews will be deceived by Him. They will believe that he is indeed their long-expected Messiah.”

“THE ANTICHRIST WILL BE A JEW” I do not know if that is true or not, but I do know that he will be accepted by the Jews. Two of the more famous Rabbis in Israel have spoken of Donald Trump as either the Mashiach or the one who will usher in the Mashiach… They make it clear that their theology does not require the Mashiach to be a Jew. From their writings, it is clear that their description of the Jewish Mashiach matches perfectly with the New Testament descriptions of the Man of Sin.

The following is the argument that Antichrist will be Jewish. Even if you reject that, the Scriptures quoted and the arguments given support my thesis that the Jews will accept him as their messiah.

Arthur W. Pink, 1886-1952, was a well-known English Bible Teacher and Theologian. He was trained at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago but lived and ministered in the UK. Rev. Pink wrote the following…

The Antichrist will be a Jew, though his connections, his governmental position, his sphere of dominion, will by no means confine him to the Israelitish people. It should, however, be pointed out that there is no express declaration of Scripture which says in so many words that this daring Rebel will be “a Jew;” nevertheless, the hints given are so plain, the conclusions which must be drawn from certain statements of Holy Writ are so obvious, and the requirements of the case are so inevitable, that we are forced to believe he must be a Jew. To these hints’, conclusions’ and requirements’ we now turn.

1. In Ezek.21:25-27 we read: “and thou, profane wicked prince of Israel, whose day is come, when iniquity shall have an end, Thus saith the Lord God; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: this shall not be the same: exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high. I will overturn, overturn, overturn it: and it shall be no more until he comes whose right it is, and I will give it him.” The dispensational place and scope of this passage, is not hard to determine. The time-mark is given in v.25: it is “when iniquity shall have an end.” It is the End-Time which is in view, then, the End of the Age, when “the transgressors are come to the full” (Dan.8:23 and cf.11:36 — “Till the indignation be accomplished”). At that time Israel shall have a Prince, a Prince who is crowned (v.26), and a Prince whose day is said to be come when “iniquity shall have an end.” Now, as to who this Prince is, there is surely no room for doubt. The only Prince whom Israel will have in that day, is the Son of Perdition, here termed their Prince because he will be masquerading as Messiah the Prince (see Dan.9:25)! Another unmistakable mark of identification is here given, in that he is expressly denominated “thou, profane wicked Prince” — assuredly, it is the Man of Sin who is here in view, that impious one who shall “oppose and exalt himself above all that is called God.” But what should be noted particularly, is, that this profane and wicked character is here named “Prince of Israel.” He must, therefore, be of the Abrahamic stock, a Jew!

2. In Ezek.28:2-10 a remarkable description is given us of the Antichrist under the figure of “the Prince of Tyrus,” just as in vv.12-19 we have another most striking delineation of Satan under the figure of “the king of Tyrus.” In a later chapter we hope to show that, beyond a doubt, it is the Antichrist who is in view in the first section of this chapter. There is only one thing that we would now point out from this passage: in v.10 it is said of him “Thou shalt die the deaths of the uncircumcised,” which is a very strong hint that he ought not to die the deaths of the “uncircumcised” because he belonged to the Circumcision! Should it be said that this verse cannot apply to the Antichrist because he will be destroyed by Christ Himself at His coming, the objection is very easily disposed of by a reference to Rev.13:14, which tells of the Antichrist being wounded to death by a sword and rising from the dead — which is prior to his ultimate destruction at the hands of the Saviour.

3. In Dan.11:36, 37 we are told, “And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done. Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers.” This passage, it is evident, refers to and describes none other than the coming Antichrist. But what we wish to call special attention to is the last sentence quoted — “The God of his fathers.” What are we to understand by this expression? Why, surely, that he is a Jew, an Israelite, and that his fathers after the flesh were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — for such is the invariable meaning of “the fathers” throughout the Old Testament Scriptures.

4. In Matt.12:43-45 we have another remarkable scripture which will be considered briefly, in a later section of this chapter, when we shall endeavor to show that “The Unclean Spirit” here is none other than the Son of Perdition, and that the “house” from which he goes out and into which he returns, is the Nation of Israel. If this can be established, then we have another proof that he will be a Jew, for this “house,” which is Israel, is here termed by Antichrist “my house.” Just as Solomon was of “the House of David,” so Antichrist shall be of the House of Israel.

5. In John 5:43 we have a further word which helps us to fix the nationality of this coming One. In speaking of the false messiah, the Lord Jesus referred to him as follows, “Another shall come in his own name.” In the Greek there are four different words all translated “Another” in our English versions. One of them is employed but once, and a second but five times, so these need not detain us now. The remaining two are used frequently, and with a clear distinction between them. The first “allos” signifies “another” of the same kind or genus — see Matt.10:23; 13:24; 26:71, etc. The second, “heteros,” means “another” of a totally different kind, — see Mark 16:12; Luke 14:31; Acts 7:18; Rom.7:23. Now the striking thing is that the word used by our Lord in John 5:43 is “allos,” another of the same genus, not “heteros,” another of a different order. Christ, the Son of Abraham, the Son of David, had presented Himself to Israel, and they rejected Him; but “another” of the same Abrahamic stock should come to them, and him they would “receive.” If the coming Antichrist were to be a Gentile, the Lord would have employed the word “heteros;” the fact that He used “allos” shows that he will be a Jew.

6. The very name “Antichrist” argues strongly his Jewish nationality. This title “Antichrist” has a double significance. It means that he will be one who shall be “opposed” to Christ, one who will be His enemy. But it also purports that he will be a mock Christ, an imitation Christ, a pro-Christ, a pseudo Christ. It intimates that he will ape Christ. He will pose as the real Messiah of Israel. In such case he must be a Jew.

7. This mock Christ will be “received” by Israel. The Jews will be deceived by Him. They will believe that he is indeed their long-expected Messiah. They will accept him as such. Proofs of this will be furnished in a later chapter. But if this pseudo Christ succeeds in palming himself off on the Jews as their true Messiah he must be a Jew, for it is unthinkable that they would be deceived by any Gentile.

Ere passing to the next point, we may add, that it was the common belief among Christians during the first four centuries A.D., that the Antichrist would come from the tribe of Dan. Whether this will be the case or no, we do not know. Gen.49:17, 18 may have ultimate reference to this Son of Perdition. Certainly Dan is the most mysterious of all the twelve tribes.

Author: davidrice1951

I am a vile sinner. I have been a soldier and a sailor. I have been a student and a teacher. I taught English in Mexico. I started and taught in a Bible College in Venezuela. I am married to Cathy, a beautiful lady from Guyana. We have two children, Christopher and Amanda. I am saved by Grace, washed in the Blood and filled with the Spirit. I love Jesus, my wife, my kids and you...


  1. I wonder if Trump’s son in law Kushner fits the mold… Speculation surely I know but nevertheless ironic his daughter is married to a Zionist Jew…I find all of these events to be extremely interesting as it’s like watching a movie you’ve never seen but you already read the book. Thank you as always pastor David. You have a way of making things understood.


    1. Thanks! I make mistakes and I make no pretense of being a Prophet… I observe, I read, I think, I pray and based on what I learn, I write… I believe what I write, when I write it but my forecasts are often proved wrong… I do want people to think and to watch… That is the goal behind all that I do.


  2. By definition the man of sin must be a king of the Jews to be equal to Jesus[Matthew 27;37] but His Opposite-the most popular king- the 11th king[elected]1/3 of the stars of heaven [on earth] vote for him falling -8th head as 3 repeat office twice- known as the ‘little horn[son= Hebrew-BIBI. 7th head fatally wounded-Rabin murdered-[Beast of Dan7 returned-why are we Jews the beast ;we murdered God’s Messiah Son[Matt 27;25] & the curse is upon us explaining ALL that has befallen us over the almost last 2000yrs.HE turned His Face from us] rumoured to be minor MOSSAD operative- new king head of MOSSAD. When he comes to power 5 are dead; one is to come & did as President Perez many years; one a short while to go-Shamir d.2014. son of perdition is like a leopard-born Arabic Palestine/Israel;feet like bear- parents from USSR; speaks lion-Hebrew& English. WAS 1996 -WAS NOT 1999 subdues three kings 1. prepared to give the woman as combined capitol- Barak , removed 2. goes to coastland [Gaza] to direct war; Sharon -falls ;stroke in 3 days 3.the taxcollector Olmert -formerly treasurer. WAS AGAIN 2009 returning without honor of kingship[Livni wins election]- the one to come Pres. Perez invites Binyamin Netanyahu to form minority Govt . until April 2019 election failure- becomes caretaker king until coalition with Benny Ganz May 2020 which leaves him short about 13 mnths of his ‘they [Israel] will be given into his hand Time[3.5yrs] Times[3.5yrs] & a half a Time[+ 1.75yrs] = 14years; therefore he should be removed mid 2021 & very angry!
    Binyamin Netanyahu -666 old Hebrew Gematria- invited Pope Francis to the Great Synagogue Rome January 2016 to renew the Covenant of Old[Dan9;27] which the Pope did [making him the False prophet as no-one other than God or His Messiah have that right] with the proviso’they together would build a New Temple in Jerusalem'[the Great Harlot] . Agreement made & Covenant done. BROKEN 3.5yrs later when the anti Christ open his false satanic ABYSS[rev11;7-8 outside which Jesus witnesses will be murdered] Synagogue[Ezekiel 8] under the Dome of the Rock on the wing of abomination- located beside the true Holy Place site. Watch carefully ….please pray my Family[Judah ] Listen to the Last two sent them & repent & be Baptised to our Messiah………Maranath Shalom…….Israel …..
    old Messianic Jew . ….Baruch Hashem in Yeshu ha Moshiach.


  3. There is one other thing that is a bit scary; Donald J Trump’s son in law is the anti Christ / man of sin ‘s[BIBI] God son- explains why Trump struck General Soliemani [Iran] without CIA intelligence it was reported- he was told to directly?…..WE ARE IN END TIME-but there is a Delay of Time , Times completion. THEN Rev 10;6 -‘there will be DELAY no more !’…..Maranatha.


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