As of yesterday, the Flags of the Nations were all down at the United Nations. The Devil and his forces no longer recognize Nation States… There is One World, and they run it.

I am always seeking to see, understand and communicate the big picture. This morning I am moved by where we are, how far we have come, and how fast we have gotten here. For years I have warned of the change of the ages, the New World Order (Kingdom of the Beast) and the AntiMessiah. I never knew how it would come, only that it could not be stopped. Now I know.

What must you understand?

  1. Jesus is your only hope.
  2. You cannot stop what God has spoken.
  3. You must ask for power and strength to see you through the storm.
  4. Things will never be the same again.
  5. Church, in a building, with a 501 (c) 3 corporation is dead.
  6. Like China, Pastors will now be criminals.
  7. We are going to lose the internet. Christians are going to be blocked and removed.
  8. House Churches are the future.
  9. Attending a house church will violate social distancing laws.
  10. If you worship Jesus, you are a criminal.
  11. There are going to be two revivals.
    1. A revival with great numbers in the immunized, marked, and compromised Church of the Dead.
    1. A revival of holiness and righteousness in the illegal but uncompromised Church of Jesus Christ.
  12. Everything centers around Israel and Jerusalem.
  13. There will be wars, famine, suffering and death.
  14. 1/3 of mankind will die.
  15. If God does not shorten the days, no man will survive.
  16. He who endures to the end will be saved. (until death or the return of Christ)
  17. War serves the needs of the Beast Kingdom in reducing population. They do not even care who wins.
  18. Israel will suffer greatly but cannot be destroyed.
  19. The Beast Kingdom is a Jewish Kingdom.
  20. The AntiMessiah is a Jewish Messiah.
  21. The Vatican, the City of London, and Washington DC form an unholy trinity called Babylon.
  22. Babylon will seek to control Jerusalem, only to be destroyed in a single hour.
  23. As always, the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Dark will function side by side and will continue to battle each other spiritually.
  24. There is a war between the Forces of Dark and the Forces of Light that is pure deception.
    1. The Forces of Dark follow the Devil appearing as Satan.
    1. The Forces of Light follow the same Devil appearing as Lucifer.
  25. The deceived Christian will join with the Forces of Light, taking up arms and fighting against the Forces of Dark in the flesh… They are damned.

As of yesterday, the Flags of the Nations were all down at the United Nations. The Devil and his forces no longer recognize Nation States… There is One World, and they run it. There is a lot of rhetoric and name calling going on. They want war and revolution… They want blood and suffering. It is with war and blood and suffering that they feed their gods…It is a Puppet Show, put on to entertain and delude you… If you believe it, you are to be pitied…

I am amazed at how easily they have pulled off their coup… In America, they placed a lifelong Democrat in power as a Republican President. Somehow, they convinced most Christians that despite his lifestyle, his vulgarity, and his blasphemy, he was a prince, sent from God to save Babylon and empower them to continue in their sin forever. When the time came, it was this prince who gave the orders to dismantle the Republic. The armed enemy sat on their hands, confused beyond measure… To fight against the fall would mean defying the prince they had deified and battling against those who obeyed him out of fear for their own lives and a respect for those they did not wish to infect… To fight evil would give them the appearance of being evil themselves… What to do? What to do?

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

Ephesians 6:12

Whatever you think of him, Jonathan Cahn has taught me much about Bible patterns. He says, and I believe him, that at the end of the Church Age, everything must return to the place that it was at the beginning. If that is true, we will see these things in the Church:

  1. Great Power.
  2. Miracles, signs and wonders.
  3. House Churches and City Churches.
  4. Great Persecution, suffering and martyrdom.
  5. Extreme growth.
  6. Holiness.
  7. Deceit and deceivers.
  8. Real Apostles, whose words always agree with Scripture.
  9. False Apostles, who introduce strange doctrines, center on themselves and lead many astray.
  10. The death of denominations and the corporate church.

If you are aware of these things and you throw yourself at the foot of the cross in total surrender, you will endure to the end and you will be saved.



We were Western to the core… only slightly reformed and modified Catholics…

As Western Christians, our thinking has been warped. In spite of the Reformation, our churches, our thinking, and our doctrine are much more closely related to Rome than to Jerusalem. We have all but forgotten that Jesus was Jewish, all of the Disciples were Jewish, the first converts were Jewish, and the first churches were Jewish. The crucifixion, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, the ascension, the coming of the Spirit on Pentecost… It was all in Jerusalem and it was all Jewish.

As time went on, the Church became very much Western. The Roman Catholic Pagan Organization cut off the last of the connections to Judaism. Martin Luther was extremely Antisemitic and he passed that down to all who would follow him. None of the Reformers ever looked past Rome and back to Jerusalem… they were not intent on reestablishing Christianity and reconnecting it to its ancient roots, but only in reforming that which Rome had created. The churches that we grew up in were simply reformed versions of the Roman Church…

Our holidays were Roman, not Christian. Our meetings were on Sunday, not the Sabbath. We knew nothing of the Jewish Feasts or how very connected they were to Jesus Christ and our own faith… We were Western to the core… only slightly reformed and modified Catholics… Could we get people into Heaven? Yes, for the most part we got that right, but so much else was lost…

Did you know that the Passover Lamb was always tied to the altar at nine AM on the Day of Preparation and that Jesus was nailed to the cross at nine AM on the Day of Preparation? Did you know that the Lamb was slain at three PM and that Jesus died at three PM? You might know that now, but did you ever hear that in Sunday School or church when you were growing up? Everything in Christianity, including future events, is connected to the Feasts of Israel… But we were too westernized to care…

Yes, I still reject the idea that we, as gentile Christians, are obligated to become Jewish or speak God’s Name in Hebrew or abstain from pork… Paul fought those heresies in his day and Paul had been a Pharisee… But understanding our connection to Israel will help you understand what is happening in our world and what is about to happen…

I do not think that you need to run out and buy a prayer shawl, but I do think that you need to move past Rome and back towards Jerusalem. Everything is moving back and the Church is returning to its roots… If you miss that, you will miss everything.

Russia, Turkey, Iran and others are about to be destroyed… decimated in the mountains of Israel. Obadiah tells me that it will be so very thorough that Esau will be left with no descendants… The Arabs are the descendants of Esau. If I know that, I am not going to worry about those nations. Damascus will soon cease to be a city… Why should I worry about Syria? Israel will soon be restored to the full biblical limits of its territory and the AntiMessiah will rule from Jerusalem until the day Jesus returns…

Jesus was Jewish. The AntiMessiah is Jewish. Jesus died, rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven from Jerusalem and it is to Jerusalem He will return, and from Jerusalem that He will rule the Nations. It is from Jerusalem that Lucifer’s Messiah will rule… Everything centers in the Holy City. It is outside the Temple in Jerusalem that the two prophets will stand and prophecy truth during the first part of the Tribulation. It is in Jerusalem that they will die. It is on the streets of Jerusalem that they will lie for three days and it is from those streets that they will rise and ascend to their reward. It is from Israel that God will send 144,000 Evangelists to preach the Word…

It is misunderstanding this that will cause the Dominionists and the Seven Mountaineers to be deceived… This is going to look like victory… Israel wins big, a King rules in Jerusalem and he is enforcing the Noahide Laws on the world… Suddenly, marriage is in, extramarital sex and homosexuality are capital offenses, and liberals and atheists are swinging from gallows on every corner… This is victory and the King in Israel is doing it!!! Praise Yahweh! Meanwhile, they will still be looking for a Hollywood Antichrist and eagerly awaiting a PreTrib Rapture…

Stay clear of the Legalists and those who would have you going to Walmart in a Prayer Shawl… But do learn about your Jewish roots and how they make so very many interpretations of prophecy look so very foolish…

Think about it…