The Prophet in Me

The time has come to teach a faith that sees suffering and death as a very real possibility…

And the Devil in the details…

Perhaps it is the prophetic temperament in me… I mean, I do not start my posts “Thus saith the Lord…” but I do seem to have some prophetic insight and I certainly understand Scripture in a very different manner from most of my peers, and I continue to find fault in what I would have considered wonderful sermons just a few years ago.

With COVID taking over the world, it seems that most Pastors are feeling compelled to preach on faith. They are designing their sermons so as to give the people hope in a dark time… That is good; we should build up the faithful and give them something to hold onto. We should speak of healing and we should read Scriptures that speak of the healing power of God. Yes, God heals and yes, God changes things. But what I keep hearing is that which they will not speak to… that for which they will not prepare the people.

I hear sermons on the Three Hebrew Boys and the fiery furnace… a great story of faith and deliverance. I am cheering the pastor on when he intentionally leaves out the phrase “But if not…” Simply reading the Scripture, he intentionally skips over that verse. Why would he do that? I ask. Simple, comes the answer, it does not fit his agenda and he cannot comprehend the admission that death is a real option as a statement of faith… Somehow, it seems contrary to faith… an admission that God may not do what you tell him to do… and that, in the Pastor’s mind, is a lack of faith.

I hear pastors speaking of COVID, the Pandemic and encouraging the people with stories of miraculous healings… but they never mention the people who have suffered and died after they prayed for them… Obviously, if the same Pastor prays the same prayer and quotes the same verses, everybody should be healed… Certainly, it was not God’s fault and it could not have been the Pastor’s fault… the person who suffered and died obviously did not have enough faith!!! We do not want to mention them, do we? The idea that God might actually decide to take them home never crosses their minds. The idea that “Heaven is gain” is totally foreign and anathema to their denominational dogma.

I hear Pastors, trying to build faith in their people, comparing COVID-19 to Y2K and reminding people that, for all the panic, Y2K came to nothing. The implication is that this, like that, will come to nothing and everything will return to normal. And, much more than they want Heaven or even God himself, the people want everything to return to normal… No matter how much they hated normal before the pandemic, they crave normal now.

I just keep seeing a level of faith that neither those pastors nor their people can seem to grasp… A faith that sees God going with you through the fire rather than putting the fire out. A faith that looks at reality… we believe in healing and that God will heal us, but the reality is that He might not… the option to heal us or take us is still ultimately in his hand. It does not depend entirely on our faith or how many Bible verses on healing we quote… It is God’s choice… He is sovereign and I am not. Not only that, Heaven is a far greater gain than being healed and returned to “normal” could ever be… The greater faith always says, “But if Not” and “Yea though He slay me, yet will I serve him!”

I do not see any similarities between COVID-19 and Y2K… I was never concerned with Y2K… They were talking about a computer glitch and we have brilliant computer programmers who can fix computer glitches… and they did just that. Even if everything had crashed on 01/01/2000, there was nothing that could not have been rapidly fixed… Even if all the cars had stopped, there would have been millions of U Fix It computer chips on the market inside a week. COVID-19 is killing people and it has placed the world in lockdown, providing cover for the transition to a one world government, or at least mandatory vaccinations and ID… That is different. The timing is different, the world order is different, the lineup of nations is different and the goals of the New World Order, carefully hidden in 1999 have been made very public by the conspirators… Nothing is the same…

But Satan is not the stupid cartoon character that the church has tried to make him… A thousand false alarms, including the book “88 Reasons the Rapture will be in 1988” and Y2K, have closed the minds and hearts of pastors and Christians everywhere… That and the almost universal belief in a PreTrib Rapture have stupefied the Church of Jesus Christ… No matter what the Watchman does or says, they are determined not to look or pay attention… “Fool me once…!” is the universal cry.

To preach on the Three Hebrew Boys and leave out “But if not…” is dishonest. Likewise, to discount COVID-19 by comparing it to Y2K is deceitful. To preach on life saving miracles without mentioning those who suffered and died is fraudulent. To speak of healings in the Bible but never mention those who suffered and died is about as fake and phony as anything ever could be…

The time has come to teach a faith that sees suffering and death as a very real possibility, trusts Jesus to go through it with you, and sees death and Heaven as great gain… Let us rise up and discover a greater faith…

If we continue with this phony half Gospel and fairy tale faith, millions are going to disown Jesus and end up on the road to Hell when the times get rough and their Christian family and friends all start suffering and dying…

And that is the Prophet in me speaking…


Author: davidrice1951

I am a vile sinner. I have been a soldier and a sailor. I have been a student and a teacher. I taught English in Mexico. I started and taught in a Bible College in Venezuela. I am married to Cathy, a beautiful lady from Guyana. We have two children, Christopher and Amanda. I am saved by Grace, washed in the Blood and filled with the Spirit. I love Jesus, my wife, my kids and you...

2 thoughts on “The Prophet in Me”

  1. “But if not…”

    That’s the key, isn’t it? For so many Christians, the stumbling block to loving the truth is the “power of positive thinking” and “not being negative ever.” That also may be why 70 percent of American Christians believe in neither Satan nor hell. The freight train coming down the tracks won’t disappear if you stop believing in it, no?

    I’ve tried, but so far have been mostly unsuccessful, to point out to the people in my life that the message of Our Lord and Savior wasn’t all positive. In fact, bringing up biblical warnings and admonishments has made me an outcast. People want to hear the part where Jesus saves the woman from stoning with the “he without sin” part, but no one knows or wants to know the “go and sin no more” part. And let’s not forget the total misunderstanding of Matthew 7:1. I’ve heard over and over how people believe that “Thou shall not judge” is one of the Ten Commandments!

    Pastor, I’ve gotten so much from your sermons on delusion and loving the whole of the truth. I pray all the time that those enslaved to this “positive only thinking” will wake up and not be a victim of the strong delusion that is here right now and the even stronger delusion to come.

    Our Lord and Savior, however, did say that his message was for them that have ears to hear….

    Thank you again, Pastor!


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