The Age of the Gentiles came to an end in 1967, on the day that Israel took Jerusalem.

They will fall by the edge of the sword and be led captive into all the nations, and Jerusalem will be trampled by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.

(Luke 21:24)

The Age of the Gentiles came to an end in 1967, on the day that Israel took Jerusalem. I believe that and I can see how it has changed the world. Since that time, I have been a witness to the slow and agonizing death of the Christian West. Just think about the world in 1966 and compare it to 2019. Yes, the Age of the Gentile has come to an end and all things are pointing back to Israel and to Jerusalem.

I have heard those who lack understanding screaming and hollering and complaining about how “The Zionists run everything…” They are right… For better or for worse, however you view Zionism, Zionists are running more and more of the world and hiding their influence less and less.

Ezekiel was right… Turkey and Russia and Iran and Syria are preparing to attack Israel from the north. God himself will destroy them in the mountains of Israel and the balance of world power will shift to Israel and to Jerusalem.

Now, even today, Jews control the central banks of the world… Through the Fed, they control the United States, its President and its politicians. If Trump continues to support Israel, the God of Israel will continue to support the President and the Nation… You may not like that, but it is true. God still blesses those who bless Israel and God still curses those who curse Israel. Paul, speaking of the descendants of Abraham says, “As regards the gospel, they are enemies for your sake. But as regards election, they are beloved for the sake of their forefathers. For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.”

God still loves the Jews, Israel and Jerusalem. All of end times prophecy assumes the existence of a real nation called Israel and the presence of Abraham’s descendants in the city of Jerusalem… If they are not there, the entire prophetic scenario collapses.

In the beginning, the Church was a very Jewish institution. As time progressed, the church lost its connection to Judaism. Rome paganized the church and much of that paganism followed Luther into the Protestant and then the Evangelical churches… Many of our customs have their roots in paganism and have nothing to do with Israel, the Jews, or the Jewish religion. We have lost that connection.

Today, things are, like it or not, reverting to the days of the early church. The true Christians are moving back towards their roots. Gentile converts are becoming rare, while there is a real revival growing in Israel and among the Jews of the world… You may not like that, but it is true.

Meanwhile, The West is becoming increasingly and more openly pagan. Persecution of the Believers has already begun, even in America, and it looks like it is going to get worse and worse. Witchcraft, Satanism and the Luciferian religion are openly practiced. Many churches are joining the unity movement and reaching out to the Pope and to Muslims as brothers, more than willing to abandon any doctrine that might offend… But even this is being encouraged by the Jewish Elite in their search for a New World Order under their AntiMessiah.

The first moves of the church towards Judaism have been at least borderline heresy. A legalistic push towards an earned righteousness and salvation by the works of the Law and the idea that God cannot understand his own Name unless you say it in Hebrew… I have rejected that strongly… That is evil and it will only lead to damnation and Hell… The first Church had its problems with the same doctrines, and Scripture opposes them. Even in the earliest days of the Church in Jerusalem, salvation was by grace, through faith in the Son of God.

But I can see that as persecution increases, Bible Believing Christians are going to find themselves in house churches. These churches are going to reject the pagan holidays and embrace the Jewish Festivals, learning great truths in the process. Evangelism among the Gentiles will slow to a crawl until the day that God sends out 144,000 Jewish Evangelists… These will win Gentiles to the Lord in huge numbers… It will again be a Jewish Church, reaching out to a very pagan gentile world…

I am not comfortable with some of these things, but I see it in Scripture, and I  see it in the world around me… I will need to grow into these things… I believe that those who will not grow, will fall by the wayside…

This move towards a Jewish Centered Church is inevitable. It will happen and it is happening. If you are honest, you can see it as well. The Day of the Gentile is finished.

I believe that the New World Order will be a Zionist World Order. The AntiMessiah will be a Jewish Messiah. All that is evil will come out of Israel and out of Jerusalem. Satan would rule the world from David’s Throne… he has no greater goal.

I also believe that the Church, led by 144,000 Jewish Evangelists, will be centered in Israel and in Jerusalem. While the AntiMessiah rules from Jerusalem, Two Prophets of God stand in the streets and preach the Gospel… It is a duality again… Back to the idea that they are your enemies for the sake of the Gospel, but they are loved… A Jewish AntiMessiah, countered strongly by Jewish Prophets, Jewish Evangelists, and a Jewish led Church…

Part of the problem that Gentile Christians, including myself, have with this idea is that the first moves in that direction were so obnoxiously legalistic and the first people to move in that direction were such terrible braggarts who looked down their noses at any Christian who would not place himself under Moses and the Law… That still colors my thinking and brings up strong objections to the ideas I have presented here…

Let me state clearly that this is not about not eating Pork Chops, going to church on Saturday and calling Jesus Yahooshuah… That is NOT what we are talking about. The Greek New Testament calls Jesus by the Greek form of his Name, it does not call Jesus Yeshua. Paul was a Jew with a background as a Pharisee and he clearly and repeatedly rejected that nonsense… He said that such efforts would result in your being severed from Christ and falling from grace… We do not want to take that road…

When we go towards Jerusalem, it will be because God moves us in that direction. We will choose to reject pagan holidays because we see the evil in them and decide to leave them behind, not because a Christmas tree will send you to Hell. We will move towards the Feasts of Israel, not to become Jewish or to earn Celestial Brownie Points, but because they are Biblical, and they tell a story we need to hear and teach lessons that we need to learn. We will not celebrate them as the Orthodox Jew celebrates them, but rather with understanding and the presence of the Spirit of God…

I believe that with persecution and a move towards Jerusalem, the church will find a power that it has not seen in 2,000 years…

Again, we will see both sides manifesting at the same time… The Zionist Beast and the Jewish led Church, side by side and opposed. The apostate church growing in power and strength, abandoning doctrine and joining with every pagan religion in the world, calling them brothers… The true Church, underground, in House Churches, persecuted but winning millions to the Lord, pure in doctrine and holy in lifestyle and exhibiting the kind of power and miracles not seen since the first century…

That is what I see…


Author: davidrice1951

I am a vile sinner. I have been a soldier and a sailor. I have been a student and a teacher. I taught English in Mexico. I started and taught in a Bible College in Venezuela. I am married to Cathy, a beautiful lady from Guyana. We have two children, Christopher and Amanda. I am saved by Grace, washed in the Blood and filled with the Spirit. I love Jesus, my wife, my kids and you...

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