9/11, Who and Why

So, now the New York City Fire Commissioners pass a resolution calling for a new 9/11 investigation, citing “overwhelming evidence of explosives.”

So, now the New York City Fire Commissioners pass a resolution calling for a new 9/11 investigation, citing “overwhelming evidence of explosives.[i] Add that to the 3,160 licensed Architects and Engineers who have signed a sworn affidavit to the effect that in their best professional opinion, the Twin Towers and building seven at ground zero were brought down on 9/11 by explosives in a controlled demolition.[ii]

Even the untrained eye knows that to be true, if not imprisoned by a false sense of patriotism. Once you get past the false notion that “Our country would never do that”, it becomes quite obvious. The other stupid things… Nothing survives the fire that is supposed to have brought down three buildings, but there, sitting on top of everything are the only slightly singed passports of the “terrorists”. Really? Think about that!

So, if they used explosives, intentionally bringing down three buildings, destroying four aircraft and killing 2,977 people, one must ask why. It is no longer a question as to “if” this was done. The only questions remaining are “Who?” and “Why?”.

One of the big problems for Christians is that they have been taught lies from birth. Whatever Scripture teaches, they believe only in the rational… that which they can see with their eyes and explain with their brain. Anything and everything supernatural is discounted entirely. Perhaps Jesus rose from the dead 2,000 years ago, but nothing supernatural has happened since John died on Patmos… If you do not understand and accept the supernatural, you will never understand 9/11.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12)

9/11 was, first and foremost, a plan hatched in Hell, to bring about the destruction of the Present World Order and make way for the New World Order, the Kingdom of the Beast…

There were many reasons, I won’t cover but a few of them here… We will get to the reasons, but let us look first at the question of who.

In the top layer, in direct contact with Lucifer, we have the Rothschild family and the Elite of the world. They see themselves as Nephilim, part human, part sons of God (Fallen Angel.) They are, by their own testimony, a breed apart, far above the common man. Barron Von Rothschild was so convinced of this that he married four of his five sons to their first cousins in order to strengthen the Nephlimic blood. Sixteen of his grandchildren married first cousins… These are the people at the top… those who administer the earth for the god of this world. To these people, we are lower than animals… useful idiots at best… Killing 2,977 people is nothing to them… their plan includes killing all but about five hundred million of us. The Georgia Guidestones have set in stone their plan to kill six and a half billion people.[iii]

The next layer would be the world bankers, mostly related to the top level elite, these people already view the world as a single unit and manipulate world currencies as if they were one. They are controlled by the top layer people and work towards their goal of a New World Order. Their number one goal is to produce the one world, cashless monetary system spoken of in your Bible. This will make them wealthy beyond imagination and make them the absolute rulers of the world.

The next layer would be the Politicians at the top levels of government… Bush, Obama, Trump and the like…These see themselves as a breed apart… born to rule. Understand that Rothschild can call Donald on the phone, 24/7 and Donald will do what he is told. The alternative would be public shaming, the loss of everything he owns and retirement in Leavenworth. Besides this, there is always a Masonic, Kabballah, or Jesuit connection somewhere on the spiritual side. Bush was a Mason; Trump is a Kabbalist.[iv] Pence is a Jesuit.

A fourth layer would be the Military Industrial Complex. These people make their fortunes off of war. No war, no money. They also have Masonic or other Occultic connections.

A fifth layer would be the world’s intelligence services and agencies. These people have been convinced that they are superior to ordinary people. There is a definite and demonstrable connection between the CIA and the occult.[v]

The sixth layer would be Islam. The Rothschilds are Jewish. Almost all the World Bankers are Jewish. They see Islam as a useful tool of destruction and a handy scapegoat. As for Muslims, they are into killing because their god was “a murderer from the beginning.” Everything in Islam centers around death, destruction and mayhem.

There are many more layers, reaching down to the local Masonic Temple in your town… but we do not have time or space here to cover everything. Just understand that these are the major players. Don’t forget that the real instigators are the rulers, the powers, the world forces of this darkness, and the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

So, now we come to the question why. Why would Americans do such a thing to their fellow Americans. Here it might be useful to construct a list.

  1. Unification. Two into one. Scripture says that the last days will be like the days of Noah. What was happening in Noah’s day that was unique? The “Sons of God” were mating with human women and producing a hybrid race. That is going on today and the symbology and human sacrifice that enabled and empowered this abomination happened on 9/11/2001 and the years that followed. More than one careful observer has noted the similarity between the Twin Towers and two strands of DNA. To bring down the two towers and erect one in its place is, first of all, an occultic action that represented the return of the Nephilim and the union of two species into one. Some will laugh at this idea. No one down at the Masonic Lodge, or in the Whitehouse, or the Vatican, or the Sanhedrin is laughing…
  2. Sacrifice. I mentioned it above, but it deserves its own point. Nothing happens in the world of the occult without human sacrifice. Abortion is the largest supplier of human sacrifices in the world, but they needed something drastic and violent that would get the attention of their gods and cause them to work the level of magic needed to bring down the United States and give birth to the New World Order.
  3. Jerusalem. I mentioned that the top people are Jewish. All of Scripture is Jewish. Jesus is a Jew. All of end times prophecy centers on Israel and Jerusalem. The Jews have Jerusalem. The Muslims are dying to get Jerusalem. The Vatican has been plotting for eighteen hundred years to take Jerusalem. To blame it on the Muslims would give us the opportunity to destroy the Islamic nations that threaten Israel and the Jews. (Iran is next)
  4. Oil. Petroleum is the big prize. If you remember, before 9/11, the Arabs were messing with our supply of oil. If we could justify a war, we could control the oil and the Western and Jewish Elite could gain untold amounts of wealth.
  5. Justification. We needed a war with the Islamic nations. We needed it on many levels but American citizens are not about to allow their Army to attack a nation and a people in cold blood… Americans had to be convinced that the war was just… A righteous and godly people retaliating against an evil giant that had attacked us and killed our people… 9/11 was just perfect… You find some ignorant Arab Muslims, bring them to America, train them, enable them and empower them… They all die in the attack, and Americans are justified in destroying nations and killing millions…

So that is who and why. You may question some of these things… Please, do your homework. God himself wants you to understand what has happened, what is happening and the things that will soon come to pass. Ignorance is not a Christian virtue…


[i] https://thefreethoughtproject.com/911-fire-fighters-new-investigation-explosives/?fbclid=IwAR23sj51Gmk0-n8A5w6l32qeqj_ceYJ9zV6XnKz6JsAKZES5Pdt9447GPLs


[iii] http://scribol.com/anthropology-and-history/occult/the-georgia-guidestones-10-masonic-commandments/

[iv] http://kabbalahstudent.com/the-trump-truth-if-you-can-handle-it/

[v] https://reason.com/1978/03/01/experience-the-cia-and-the-occ/

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